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Does CVS Sell Bags Of Ice Cubes

By David Krug 3 minute read

CVS is mostly recognized as a pharmacy, but it also sells a variety of home goods and food, making it a convenient stop for a quick midweek stock-up.

So, if you’ve developed a habit of stopping at CVS on your way home to stock up on basic foods and snacks, you may also question if CVS has ice. Continue reading to find out!

In 2022, does CVS offer ice?

In 2022, CVS will be selling bags of ice cubes at most of its stores. The price of a 10-pound bag of ice cubes is around $1.60.

It’s important to check for ice bags that have the mark of the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) (IPIA). 

With an EBT card, ice may be paid for as well. Check out the rest of this article below for additional information about CVS ice purchases!

Can Ice Be Purchased at CVS?

Most CVS locations sell bags of ice cubes. It’s a good idea to call ahead and see whether your CVS location has ice in order to prevent any unnecessary delays.

There is usually an ice cooler at the checkout area. Bags can be paid for at checkout and picked up at the end of your stay.

What is the price per bag of ice?

You should expect to pay about $1.60 for a 10-pound bag of ice cubes at most stores.

Between $0.16 and $0.40 for a pound of ice cubes and up to $6 for 20 pounds of cubes, the typical price range for ice cube bags Bulk ice cube bags is often found in 10, 16, and 20-pound capacities.

Why Do People Prefer to Purchase Ice as Opposed to Making It at Home?

Buying ice cubes rather than producing your own is a popular choice for many individuals since they like the flavor.

Ice cubes may absorb odors and odors from food stored in the freezer when they are made at home using an ice cube tray.

Ice cubes sold in bags, on the other hand, taste better since they are manufactured and packed in a factory where they are not exposed to any other food or drink.

It doesn’t matter where you put your ice cubes in your freezer, because the packaging prevents them from absorbing food tastes and odors.

Additionally, most people’s freezers can accommodate two to four trays of ice cubes when producing ice at home.

Ice cubes can be purchased in large quantities, such as for a party or picnic, by purchasing two or more bags of cubes.

What type of ice should be purchased?

Purified water should be used to make the ice cubes offered in bags since this helps to ensure the ice’s flavor and quality.

You should seek the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) seal on the package when purchasing a bag of ice cubes.

Can an EBT card be used to purchase ice?

Paying for ice at CVS with your EBT card is an option. Ice may be purchased with an EBT card because it is a food item.

Discover if CVS offers flowers and alcohol, then see if CVS sells newspapers to learn more about the chain.

Bottom Line

So whether you’re hosting an event or just need to refresh your supply, CVS carries bags of ice.

Buy a bag bearing the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) logo so you may be confident of its purity and quality.

David Krug