Does Cvs Fill Pet Prescriptions

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CVS is one of the greatest places to get your prescriptions filled. You can peruse the store’s other offerings while waiting for your medication to arrive at CVS.

However, our furry buddies may also require some medical attention. If you’re wondering if CVS accepts pet medication prescriptions, keep reading. As a result of my research, I’ve compiled the following list of facts and figures.

Are Pet Prescriptions Being Filled by CVS By 2022?

As long as the medication may be prescribed for humans as well as pets, CVS pharmacies will fill pet prescriptions. While CVS does not allow you to complete your pet’s medicines online, there are a number of other online pet pharmacies that you can use.

Find out where to fill your pet’s prescription, how to order online, and more in the following paragraphs.

What CVS Stores Accept Pet Prescriptions?

Specialty drugs for pets aren’t available at any of CVS’ locations; however, all CVS locations will fill prescriptions.

CVS, on the other hand, cannot fill a prescription for an animal-specific therapy.

Fortunately, medications used to treat infections, itching, and stomach problems are the same for humans and pets, so CVS can fill these prescriptions.

Phone ahead if you’re unsure what kind of medication your pet needs to ensure that CVS is able to fulfill the order.

Using the CVS store locator, customers and pet owners can find the phone number and location of the nearest pharmacy.

How Do You Fill Your Pet’s Prescription at CVS?

CVS pharmacy locations make it as simple as picking up your own prescriptions to have your pet’s medication filled.

Simply hand the prescription to the pharmacist at the pharmacy drop-off counter.

The prescription should be filled within a day at the most, depending on the pharmacy.

Is CVS a Good Place To Fill Your Pet Prescription?

If you need a prescription filled or want to do some shopping while you’re there, CVS is an excellent choice.

CVS pharmacies also tend to provide lower prices for pet medicines than veterinarian clinics.

Preventative medications for pets are occasionally offered at a discount through pharmacy coupons or loyalty programs.

Where Can I Order Pet Prescriptions from CVS Online?

CVS, on the other hand, does not accept online prescriptions for pets. CVS pharmacies are unable to complete online prescriptions for pets because of the unique nature of their medication instructions.

However, internet medications for pets are still possible.

The prescription can then be forwarded to an online pet pharmacy for filling and delivery to your door after a diagnosis from a competent veterinarian.

Online pharmacies for pet prescriptions: which are the best?

The popularity of online pet pharmacies is steadily rising. You will receive your pet’s prescription conveniently mailed to your home after it has been filled.

The following are some of the greatest pet prescription online pharmacy services:

  • 1-800-PetMeds
  • Chewy
  • PetCareRX
  • Online Petco
  • VetRxDirect
  • RX for Pets at Walmart

Is There Anywhere Else You Can Fill Your Pet’s Prescription?

Your pet’s prescription can be filled at any pharmacy, not only CVS. You can get your pet’s prescriptions filled at other pharmacies and even supermarkets.

If your veterinarian gives you a prescription, you can bring it to any of the following pharmacies to get it filled:

  • Costco
  • Rite-Aid
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

After your appointment, you may be able to purchase your pet’s medication from the veterinary office.

Most veterinarians have a wide selection of the most commonly prescribed pet drugs, and they’ll gladly assist you in determining the best way to administer the prescription to your pet.

A veterinary clinic, on the other hand, may charge a higher price for a prescription than a drugstore does.

Is It Legal to Get Your Pet’s Medication Without a Doctor’s Order?

Unlike human medications, which can be obtained without a prescription from a doctor, animals’ medications must be obtained through a veterinarian.

A prescription is not required to buy vitamins, topical pain medications, or hydrocortisone sprays.

It’s possible to get these cures at the pharmacy if your dog or cat is suffering from itchy skin, a sore paw or a deficiency in vitamins.

How much does it cost to fill a prescription for a pet?

As with human medicines, the cost of prescriptions for pets will vary. Furthermore, the veterinarian clinic will charge you a fee for each drug they prescribe you, on top of the cost of the prescription medication itself

For the most up-to-date prescription rates, it’s best to check with your nearest pharmacy, say experts.

There are many factors that contribute to the high expense of pet medications, including the fact that most pharmacies charge between $35 and $45 for the most basic prescriptions.

Recall that most pharmacies charge substantially less for prescription drugs than a veterinarian facility.

Consider finding out if Walgreens and Costco both fill pet medications and how long CVS will keep them for if you want to learn more.

Bottom Line

CVS does, in fact, fill prescriptions for pets. Due to a lack of specialised animal medicine in CVS stores, CVS will only fill prescriptions for drugs that are commonly used by both people and animals.

Prescriptions for your pet’s medications can be filled and shipped directly to your home from an online pharmacy.

It’s also possible to get pet medication at a drugstore for a lower price than you would at your veterinarian’s office.

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