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Does CVS Allow Dogs

By David Krug 3 minute read

CVS provides everything you need for your pet, from food and treats to grooming supplies and medical prescriptions to dental kits. However, if you’re a pet owner, you may be asking if CVS lets dogs into its locations. CVS has a pet policy, as I discovered while researching this post.

In 2022, Will CVS Allow Dogs?

As of 2022, CVS is regarded fairly accommodating in allowing dog owners to bring their pets into the shop, even though CVS does not have an official pet policy. Customers remark that friendly and well-behaved dogs are welcome at the business. 

Service animals and emotional support animals are also permitted at CVS. Keep reading to find out more about CVS pet policies and how to have a successful trip to your local CVS!

CVS Is Extremely Convenient When It Comes To Allowing Dogs In-Store

When compared to businesses like Walgreens and Walmart, CVS has a much more laid-back policy on pets. If your pet doesn’t display any hazardous conduct toward customers or against the interests of the shop, CVS is more than delighted to welcome your pet.

A leash and human supervision are essential at all times for dogs. The same CVS pharmacy locations that allow dogs in shops have been reported to have dog treats available for purchase.

Is CVS Consistent With Its Pet Policy?

Many CVS locations are pet-friendly, however not all CVS locations allow pets inside. As of 2022, CVS does not have a formal and uniform pet policy, and the policy may vary from state to state depending on local restrictions (if any).

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates companies to accept service animals and their owners, and CVS complies with this mandate by allowing service animals in all drugstore stores.

How Do I Determine Whether My Local CVS Allows Dogs?

There is unfortunately no company-wide pet policy or current list of CVS retail locations that accept dogs inside. In some cases, local legislation or the pharmacy’s own management practices determine a location’s policy.

This means that the only way to learn if your local CVS welcomes dogs or not is to ask the employees or to phone ahead and enquire. To get in touch with a CVS near you, use the information provided above.

Are Service Animals Accepted at All CVS Stores?

CVS stores must allow service animals inside because of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A dog can shop at CVS as long as the animal is under control and does not constitute a hazard to others or property.

What Information Do I Need To Gather Prior To Bringing My Service Animal To CVS?

Your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act must be fully understood if your service animal will accompany you to any CVS shop (ADA).

Only the following two questions can be asked of you if your dog’s position as a service animal isn’t immediately clear.

  • Is the dog’s status as a service animal mandated by the owner’s need to accommodate a disability?
  • Do you know what the dog is taught to do?

You should be aware that the staff is not allowed to inquire about the nature of your impairment or to seek any evidence or demonstration of the support provided by your canine companion.

Consider the Following When Bringing Your Dog to A CVS:

Visit a CVS with your dog in tow and follow these simple guidelines to make your shopping trip a pleasant and successful one:

  • Make sure your dog gets enough to eat.
  • Wait till he or she is done peeing before you enter.
  • You can either keep them on a small leash or put them in a crate or carrier at all times.
  • Remove everything that might cause them to become agitated to help them relax.

See also my guides on Does Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and IKEA Allow Dogs? for more information on other businesses’ pet policies around the United States.

Bottom Line

All dogs and other animals are allowed in most CVS stores. Often, they are even welcomed. Your local CVS may or may not let your dog inside, so it’s best to call ahead and find out. CVS is prohibited from denying access to a consumer based on the presence of a service animal per ADA legislation. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!