Does Costco Take Old Car Batteries

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To help customers save money, Costco sells a wide variety of goods at discount prices, including a wide variety of automobile equipment and services.

Purchasing a battery from Costco may also result in a core charge, which is a fee that must be paid separately. I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Here’s what I found out!

What is the core charge for a Costco battery in 2022?

To encourage consumers to return their old, lead batteries to Costco for proper disposal, Costco adds a $10-$15 core fee to the purchase price of new batteries. In most cases, Costco members receive a refund of their core price when they return outdated batteries.

Whether or not you can charge your battery at Costco and how much you can save on batteries at Costco are all things you’ll want to know.

How Much Does A Costco Battery Core Charge Cost?

The cost of the battery’s core varies by Costco; expect to pay between $10 to $15. (however, the price can vary from state to state).

In order to encourage customers to return their old batteries to Costco for appropriate disposal, Costco charges an extra fee for the core charge, which is included in the price of the new battery.

Automotive parts (particularly car and marine batteries) are commonly used for this purpose since they typically include components that may be used to produce new parts.

What’s the Costco Battery Core Charge Refund Policy?

Head to your local Costco to receive your money back from the core fee. You only need to bring your old battery and the receipt from Costco that shows the core charge on your new battery.

Customer Service Returns Counter, or if local Costco has one, the Tire Centre, where you may begin the return process. Costco is likely to reimburse your battery core fee in cash.

What Batteries Do Costco Sell?

There are many different types of batteries available at Costco, including those for cars and recreational vehicles, as well as lawn mowers and other power tools. Costco’s battery prices range from $50 to $100, depending on the size and the brand of the battery needed.

Interstate batteries, a Costco-owned brand known for its sturdiness and extended lifespan, are among the battery brands available at the warehouse retailer. Costco Interstate batteries, like many of their other items, are generally less expensive than their competitors, which makes them attractive to consumers.

Do Costco Batteries Come With a Warranty?

For the duration of the battery’s warranty period, which typically ranges from 1-6 years, Costco members are covered by a complete warranty.

As long as you’re inside the warranty period, Costco will either replace your battery for free, refund you some of your money, or swap it for another one.

What Is The Costco Auto Program?

Costco provides an Auto Program to assist members save even more money. Costco Auto members may save 15% on auto accessories at garages and automobile repair centers with the Costco Auto Program.

Unfortunately, the Costco Auto Program discount does not apply to all auto services. However, battery replacements are qualified for the discount if you want your new Costco battery installed in your vehicle.

On Costco’s website, you may use a search engine to find participating service locations that will recognize the Costco Auto Program’s savings and coupons.

Bottom Line

To encourage consumers to recycle their old vehicle batteries and get their money back, Costco charges a fee known as a “core charge” on top of the battery purchase.

On Costco, the deposit ranges from $10 to $15 and is a mandatory payment for the purchase of a lithium ion battery. Your old battery and proof of purchase are all that is needed to redeem the core charge on your battery at any Costco location.

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