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If your cat is picky about the flavors or textures of their food, you’re in luck since Costco carries several varieties of cat food that are both tasty and reasonably priced.

The Kirkland Signature brand of cat food is a great option if you want to save money. Here are 15 things you should know before buying cat food from Costco, in case you’re interested.

In 2022, here are 15 things to consider before purchasing Costco cat food.

1. Costco Cat Food Is Available in Four Different Forms.

From kitten food to senior cat food, you’ll find it all at Costco.

When it comes to cat food, the company only offers four well-respected options out of the 11 available for dogs.

In the Kirkland Signature line, Costco’s cat food contains the following:

  • Maintenance of the Highest Quality
  • Exceptional Weight Loss Supplements
  • Organic Sweet Potatoes, Salmon Meal, and Seaweed
  • Organic Chicken from Nature’s Domain

2. Costco Cat Food Bags Have Meat As The First Ingredient

The first four or five elements of cat food are critical to the health of your pets, and the first ingredient is especially vital.

The first ingredient in all four Costco cat food varieties is a meat or meat meal (the latter is a safe and nutritious ground-up version of meat).

Flesh and skin (particularly from poultry or turkey) are included in non-meal recipes that specify non-meal meat as their first ingredient.

The fact that meat or meat meal is stated first indicates that it has a prominent place in the dish.

According to this list of ingredients, the majority of the diet is made up of beneficial proteins, lipids, and glucosamine in the case of chicken.

3. Super Premium Maintenance Is an Option If Your Cat Is a Healthy Weight. Cat food from Costco

Cats in good physical condition can eat Kirkland Signature Super Premium Maintenance cat food without any additional nutritional requirements.

According to the Costco website, this cat food is made of high-quality ingredients that are meant to improve your cat’s health and provide them with all the nutrients they need.

Chicken, chicken meal, full grain brown rice, ground white rice, chicken fat, and natural chicken taste are the first ingredients in Super Premium Maintenance.

4. Try Costco’s Super Premium Healthy Weight Cat Food if your cat is overweight.

Kirkland Signature Super Premium Healthy Weight is a fantastic option to try if your cat is overweight and may shed a few pounds.

With 285 calories per cup, this cat chow is designed to help cats “achieve and maintain a lean body condition.” Hairballs can be lessened by eating this food, too.

5. For a Grain-Free Costco Cat Food, Nature’s Domain is an excellent option.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Nature’s domain label has cat food that is grain-free and suitable for your cats.

Food for cats with grain sensitivities (symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and itching skin) has been created specifically for this type of cat

In the beginning, you’ll need salmon meal and ocean fish meal as well as sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, pea protein, and canola oil as your primary ingredients.

6. It is possible that Nature’s Domain Organic Chicken is an option for organic Costco cat food

Finally, we now have organic cat chow from Costco under the Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain label, proving that organics are good for us as well as our feline pals.

As a result, it looks that the company may be discontinuing its organic alternative, as the product is no longer listed on the company’s website.

Even so, there’s a chance you’ll come across it in your local retailer (perhaps at a discount, as it seems to be discontinued).

7. Costco Cat Food is Highly Recommended

It has been shown that Kirkland cat food is equivalent to the more expensive brands, according to

“The kitties love the taste of their Kirkland dry cat snacks,” the author says.

“[Kirkland] produced a cat food that fits cats’ particular nutritional needs using products cat owners can trust,” said Consumer Affairs in their assessment of the product.

8. Cat food from Costco comes in large bags.

At Costco, you’ll have to get used to the thought that you’ll be purchasing a large amount of cat food at once.

The 25-pound bags of Super Premium Maintenance, Health Weight, and Nature’s Domain Grain-Free cat food are all available.

9. If you have more than one cat, Costco Cat Food is an excellent choice.

Large bags from Costco are an excellent choice if you have numerous cats and they all eat the same food. You can also donate cat food to a shelter if you’d like to assist out.

For just $37, you can not only help feed the homeless cats but know that you are providing a high-quality, wholesome, and nutritious cat food that is safe for them to consume.

10. Costco Cat Food Is Cheap, But Isn’t Always The Cheapest Food.

Costco cat food’s low cost is one of the many reasons it’s so popular with both cat owners and Costco customers.

  • 25-pound bag of Super Premium Maintenance is 36.99, or $1.47 per pound, and is sold for 36.99
  • For $32.99, you can get a 20-pound bag of Healthy Weight, which works out to about $1.65 per pound.
  • The 18-pound package of Nature’s Domain Grain-Free costs $36.99, or $2.05 per pound.

Considering how much food you’re getting, this is a great deal. The costs are significantly better when compared to Blue Buffalo, an exceptional brand of cat food.

Grain-free dry cat food at Walmart costs $44 for an 11-pound bag, or $4 for each pound. Nature’s Domain, on the other hand, costs just $2.05 a pound.

Comparing Nature’s Domain Grain-Free to another retail brand, like Wegmans here, the performance of Costco cat food falls short.

Wegmans Grain Free costs $19.99 for a 12-pound bag, or $1.67 per pound. This means that pricing can vary based on where you live, so it’s important to shop around.

11. A Recognized Company Makes Costco Cat Food

Cat food manufacturing is not a Costco business (though it does manufacture more of its own items than you might think).

Pet food is instead sourced from the well-known Diamond Pet Foods company, which sells it under its own brand and supplies food for other shop brands..

12. Costco Cat Food Has Been the Subject of Recalls (a While Ago)

Keeping up on recalls is a good method to find out who the real producers are behind your favorite store brand.

Diamond pet food was recalled in 2012, and Costco’s inventory was affected as well.

The FDA spent a week investigating the South Carolina plant because of concerns about salmonella infection. You can learn more about that investigation here.

13. The Wet Costco Cat Food has been discontinued by the company.

In addition to the organic cat food that may or may not be still available, Costco has already stopped carrying its wet cat food.

Since 2021, ExcitedCats claims Costco no longer carries two separate varieties of the product, according to the website.

14. Comparing Blue Buffalo Cat Food with Costco Cat Food

Costco cat food may seem like a disappointment if you’ve been feeding your cat Blue Buffalo for years.

Kirkland Signature comes pretty close to matching the more expensive brand, although it falls short in other areas.

Blue Buffalo has 2.71 percent more protein than Kirkland Signature, according to PawDiet (the company called the difference small but noticeable).

This is a great comparison of the two leading pet food manufacturers. Switching brands may be an option if you see how similar the products are.

15. Order Cat Food from Costco and Have It Delivered

Why not take advantage of the convenience of supermarket delivery services offered by Costco and Instacart?

But it’s not just groceries; you can get delivery of nearly anything in the store that fits in a basic car, even cat food.

Instacart and/or the grocer may charge additional fees for the convenience of the app, so be prepared to see the pricing alter from what you see on Costco’s website.

Read our linked entries on what to know before buying Costco dog food, fruits & vegetables, and platters to learn more about these topics.

Bottom Line

For cats of all ages, Kirkland Signature cat food from Costco is an excellent choice, and the company also has weight-loss and grain-free varieties.

Costco cat food is a good alternative to Blue Buffalo because of the high quality of the ingredients and the lower cost.

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