Does Costco Install Appliances

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When looking for new appliances, Costco is a fantastic location to look at because they have a wide selection at great pricing.

Does Costco perform the installation of new appliances purchased from them? Here’s what I found out!

In 2022, will Costco install home appliances?

As of 2022, Costco will be installing equipment such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and built-in microwaves. Delivery and installation costs may be included in the purchase price of some appliances. 

In addition, it is the customer’s obligation to have the location ready for the installation (e.g., water, electricity, gas). Keep reading to find out more about Costco’s appliances, prices, and more!

What Home Appliances Does Costco Install?

Installing a number of Costco’s appliances is available, including:

  • Refrigerators  
  • Freezers 
  • Built-in ovens 
  • Built-in microwaves 
  • Built-in dishwashers 
  • Dishwasher hoods 
  • Microwave hoods 

If you’re having an appliance installed, you’ll need to make sure that your home has the necessary water, electricity, and gas supply lines and shut-off valves.

When Costco delivers your appliances, make sure someone over the age of 18 is present and that there is a clear passage from the street to the front door of your home for the delivery crew to navigate.

Snow, ice, dirt, and even toys and furniture are all included in this list. This protects everyone involved in the shipping and installation process, as well as your equipment.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Costco Deliver Appliances?

Costco often includes the cost of installation in the price of the item you purchase. Appliances purchased from Costco are often delivered free of charge.

For example, if you were to buy a new Whirlpool dishwasher for $349, then this price would normally include the shipping and installation costs.

Rather than having to add shipping and installation expenses on top of the item’s initial purchase price, you may just pay for the appliance.

What is included in the appliance installation process at Costco?

There are a number of things the delivery staff will do when they get to your home:

  • Make sure there is no harm to the appliance by inspecting it visually. You must notify Costco if you discover any damage, and they will investigate it.
  • Make sure the new appliance works by connecting it to your current household utilities.
  • Ensure that your property is free of any and all packaging material
  • The appliance that is being replaced should either be removed or relocated to a lower floor, garage or basement. Alternatively
  • In the event that Costco removes a haul-away item from your residence, they will recycle it in accordance with stringent and ecologically responsible rules.

As a matter of public health and safety, they can’t:

  • Protect your items and your house by removing their shoes and keeping them off the floor
  • Lift or hoist appliances over counters, banisters, or other obstacles, or through windows.
  • Relocate used appliances to new locations or reconnect relocated, used appliances to your home’s utilities if they were previously disconnected.
  • Install appliance trim kits or do plumbing, electrical, or carpentry work
  • Installing a slide-in or free-standing range without a range anti-tip mechanism is not a good idea at this time.

When is the Ideal Time to Purchase New Appliances at Costco?

When new models are released, it is the ideal time to buy new appliances. September and October are the typical months for washing and drying machines, refrigerators, ovens, and ranges.

Wait until the month that your appliance generally launches new models before purchasing from Costco, and you’ll wind up saving a lot of money.

During the holidays, you may get fantastic deals on appliances. Retailers often hold appliance deals these days, and you may save as much as 50% if you’re lucky.

Is it cheaper to purchase appliances from Costco?

It’s hard to beat Costco’s cheap prices on most things. This holds true for new appliances. Buying appliances from Costco will save you a lot of money compared to purchasing them at large appliance retail outlets.

Prices at Costco normally include delivery, basic connection, and parts and haul-away services when you consider

What is Costco’s policy on the return of installed appliances?

Within 90 days of receiving your large appliance, Costco will accept returns on:

  • Over-the-range microwave 
  • Cooktops 
  • Ranges 
  • Freezers 
  • Dishwashers 
  • Dryers 
  • Washers 
  • Water heaters 
  • Refrigerators 

The warranty on large appliances is also extended to two years.

Where Can I Find the Estimated Shipping Duration for My Costco Appliance?

You can get your Costco appliances delivered by Innovel on Monday through Saturday. 

Although Costco’s goods may arrive in three to four weeks, this is much longer than the stated 10 days.

If this happens to you, you can decline the delivery, in which case the appliance will be returned to Costco and you will receive a refund.

Should I tip the Costco delivery service?

For their services, Costco delivery does not need a gratuity. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you feel it’s appropriate given their efforts.

Will Costco’s appliance delivery service remove doors?

In order to get entrance to your property, Costco will simply remove the hinge pins on your external doors.

They will not remove any internal doors, screen doors, railings, banisters, or personal belongings to execute any installation or delivery services.

Is it cheaper to buy many appliances at Costco as opposed to just one?

If you plan to buy more than one appliance at some time, such as when you’re remodeling your kitchen or your fridge has recently broken, you may save a lot of money by bundling and purchasing multiple appliances.

It is possible to save up to 20% on the retail price by purchasing three or more appliances at the same time. Costco’s already low pricing means you’ll save even more money on your appliances, which is a bonus.

More information may be found in my postings on whether or not Costco installs television sets and if they deliver furniture.

Bottom Line

Yes, Costco does provide appliance installation services. The cost of installation and delivery is usually included in the purchase of the appliance.

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