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If you don’t have a college degree, Costco is a terrific place to work because of the retailer’s low beginning salary and generous benefits. While Costco does hire part-time employees, this is one of the most often asked questions.

Here are the results of our in-depth investigation!

In 2022, will Costco still be hiring part-timers?

As a part-time employee at Costco, you’ll get paid above-industry hourly rates as well as perks including paid time off (PTO), health insurance, four free memberships, and an employer match 401K. No matter what schedule they work, part-time employees are required to put in a minimum of 24 hours every week. Students are the only ones who can take advantage of this kind of schedule flexibility.

For more information about Costco’s part-time schedule, shifts, perks and hourly compensation as well as whether or not Costco is a decent place to work part-time, read on!

How Much Do Costco Part-Time Employees Get Paid?

Starting hourly wages at Costco have been raised from $15 to $16, despite the fact that part-time workers at Costco get an average hourly income of $13.58, according to ZipRecruiter.

In addition, on Sundays and public holidays, you earn 1.5 times as much as usual. Meaning that if your hourly wage is currently $16, it will rise to $24.

Costco Part-Time Hours: How Many?

Part-timers at Costco can expect to work anything from 24 hours per week (5 days per week) to 40 hours per week.

In addition, you get 5-8 hours of work each day, with two paid 15-minute breaks (usually offered at 2-hour intervals) and an unpaid 30-minute lunch break.

What Is the Average Length of a Costco Part-Time Shift?

  • Day shift: 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • Swing shift: 5 PM to 1 AM.
  • Overnight shift: 12 AM to 8 AM (At business delivery buildings, bakery)

Is it Possible to Set Your Own Work Schedule at Costco?

As a result, you can’t set your own hours. However, if students make a request in advance, the administration will do its best to accommodate them.

What Costco Part-Time Perks Are Available to Full-Time Employees?

Part-time perks at Costco are superior to those of its competitors. These are a few examples:

  • Paid vacation (PTO)
  • Yearly, one-week sick leave
  • After the first year of employment, a one-week vacation.
  • Standard leave (6 weeks) plus the FMLA-mandated twelve-week period
  • Insurance for health, life, and incapacity (medical vision, dental)
  • A 401k with a 50% corporate match up to a maximum annual contribution of $500
    Direct stock acquisition strategy
  • Members receive 4 free memberships and a membership card that gives back 2% yearly.

To be eligible for health insurance, an employee must have worked for at least 600 hours during a period of at least 180 days.

When a new employee joins the company, he or she is not entitled to vacation during the first year of work. 20 to 30 days of paid time off are given to employees who have worked for the organization for at least 10 years.

Is Costco A Good Part-Time Employer?

On Glassdoor, former and present Costco employees had positive things to say about the company’s management. Working part-time at Costco gives you the opportunity to:

  • Minimum of 24 hours per week of labor
  • Work in a nice atmosphere with a wonderful work culture and earn the highest income in the business.
  • Deal with exceptional management.
  • Take pleasure in their relaxed dress code. Despite this, though, there is nothing special.

Nonetheless, it may get rather hectic, particularly for part-time employees, due to late roster scheduling and understaffing occurrences.

Costco’s Part-Time Employment Application Process

To get started, go to Costco Career and see if there are any positions available in your area.

Bottom Line

As a part-time employee at Costco, you can expect to work between five and eight hours every shift, with a minimum of 24 hours per week.

There are a number of perks available to employees who qualify, including paid time off, health insurance, four free memberships, and an employer-matched 401(k). Costco is an excellent location to work part-time, however shift scheduling is not flexible.

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