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Does Costco Drug Test 2021

By David Krug 4 minute read

For those who are interested in working at Costco, the company has a reputation as a great place to work because of its competitive pay.

Some potential employees may be wondering if Costco requires a drug test as part of their interview process and in their workplace. This is what I’ve discovered about the drug tests at Costco.

In 2022, does Costco conduct drug tests?

During the pre-employment and orientation process, Costco conducts drug tests for illicit substances. In addition, a negative drug test is a condition of employment at this company. To ensure a secure working and shopping environment, Costco has implemented a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

What happens if you fail a drug test at Costco, and how often Costco drug tests their employees? Then keep reading to find out!

Costco uses what kind of drug testing?

Costco frequently uses a mouth swab drug test to check their employees, which takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

It is possible to detect drug use up to an hour after use and to remain detectable for up to 48 hours after use with a swab test, which allows Costco to conduct thorough drug screenings.

During the interview process, it is not uncommon for Costco to request that potential employees submit to a mouth swab drug test.

The on-the-spot process at Costco makes it more difficult for candidates to falsify a drug test during an interview.

What Kinds of Substances Does Costco Look for?

Pre-employment drug testing at Costco includes the usual suspects like marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine.

In addition, Costco may conduct additional testing for substances not listed above.

Do Costco Drug Tests Work?

Employees at Costco will be drug tested for both substances and alcohol use, according to the company.

You’ll be taken to an off-site location where you can undergo a professional drug test after you sign the consent form.

Finally, the results will be sent back to Costco for further evaluation and to prevent tampering with the results.

Costco will make a decision about the employee or potential employee based on the results of the drug test.

Do Costco Drug Tests Happen Frequently?

In accordance with their drug-free policy, Costco reserves the right to conduct random drug tests on any or all of their employees.

Drug and alcohol-related paraphernalia can be found in Costco lockers and customers’ personal items, as well.

For the following reasons, Costco frequently performs drug tests on prospective employees: to verify their eligibility for work at Costco during an interview, to investigate any suspicious behavior at work, to determine whether or not an employee is fit to return to work after an accident at work, or for any other reason.

To work at Costco, applicants must be able to pass a drug test.

Is Costco a drug-free workplace?

As a condition of employment at Costco, drug testing is a requirement for all job applicants and employees.

Costco wants to ensure that all of its employees are adhering to its drug-free policy.

Costco will not retest employees who have already taken a drug test during an interview unless the retailer deems it necessary, such as in the case of an accident.

What Happens If I Fail A Costco Drug Test?

As a result of their zero-tolerance policy, Costco has the right to fire you if you fail a drug test.

Employees who fail drug tests at Costco will be disciplined and terminated, according to policy.

Only after completing Costco’s prescribed evaluations, such as counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation, are failed drug test employees at Costco eligible to be rehired.

As long as the concentration in the blood of Costco employees is below 0.2%, they will not be considered positive for alcohol use, but they must leave the premises for the day.

The employee will be sent home from Costco and will be required to make up the time lost at work on their own time.

Repeat offenders may face serious consequences at Costco, including the risk of losing their jobs.

Is it possible to fail a drug test at Costco even if you’ve only been using legal drugs?

It’s okay if you fail a drug test at Costco because of medication prescribed to you by your doctor, as long as you let Costco know about it.

When it comes to legalized substances like marijuana, Costco may refuse to hire you unless you have a legitimate medical explanation.

Even if marijuana is legal in your state, you may still be turned down for a job at Costco because the drug is still illegal on a federal level.

Do Drug Tests At Costco Allow Me To Refuse Them?

When it comes to drug testing at Costco, it’s perfectly legal for them to refuse to hire you if you refuse. Employees at Costco are required to have a negative drug test.

As a result, those who refuse to submit to a mandatory drug test will almost certainly be rejected from the Costco application process and barred from reapplying for a one-year period.

In the event of an incident at work, such as an accident, employees who refuse to take a drug test may be terminated at Costco.

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Bottom Line

Workers at Costco are subject to a strict zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy.

In order to ensure compliance with the contract’s drug-free agreement, Costco conducts pre-hire drug tests on all applicants and tests current employees on a regular basis.

Refusing or failing a drug test can lead to dismissal, even if the substance in question is legal. Make sure your values align with Costco’s when applying for a position.

David Krug