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There is an Amazon Business Prime package available for firms who need to buy supplies and equipment frequently.

Then you might question, if you’re a business owner, what is Amazon Business Prime, and how does it work for your commercial buying on Amazon? What I’ve discovered is as follows!

In 2022, what will Amazon’s Business Prime program be called?

Free delivery, discounts, additional payment options, no sales tax on some items, credit cards, and Amazon WorkDocs are just some of the perks that come with being an Amazon Business Prime member. For a single user, Amazon Business Prime costs $69 per year, or $179 per year for three users.

Keep reading to find out more about Amazon Business Prime, including how much it costs, what features it offers, and whether it’s worth it for your company.

Is Amazon Business Prime included in the price of the service?

You can sample the Business Prime subscription for 30 days for free, just like you can with the personal Prime membership.

Generally speaking, the free trial subscription offers the same benefits as a premium membership.

However, after the first month is up, you’ll have to start paying the monthly subscription charge to continue using Business Prime.

Exactly how much does Amazon’s Business Prime service cost?

Starting at $69 per year for a Business Prime Duo membership with a single user, the annual subscription rate for Business Prime varies depending on the number of people on your account.

However, a personal Prime subscription is required, and it costs $188 annually for the most basic sort of service.

Alternatively, a Business Prime subscription costs $179 annually and allows a limit of three users.

The fee increases to $499 per year for a maximum of 10 users or $1,299 per year for a maximum of 100 persons, respectively.

It’s also worth noting that for $10,099 a year, you may add limitless people to your account.

What Are the Advantages of Amazon Prime for Businesses?

A wide range of advantages and services are available to members and businesses who sign up for Amazon Business Prime.

If a member orders a qualifying item, they can get free one- or two-day delivery as an example.

Amazon Business Prime members get access to a slew of perks, including the following:

Instantaneous Feedback from Customers

A tool called Instant Customer Feedback is available to members, which allows organizations to conduct surveys by email and other means.

ICF plans can be purchased for as little as $0 per month if you don’t already have a membership.

Discounts That Increase Over Time

Those who subscribe to Business Prime receive exclusive discounts. If your organization purchases more than a certain number of units in a year, the price of the product decreases proportionately.

You won’t need a lot of storage space because these volume discounts don’t need you to buy a significant quantity of things at once.

Instead, Amazon bases its price reductions solely on how much you buy over the course of the year.

Having More Time To Pay

It is possible for some customers to pay for their orders over a longer period of time.

A Business Prime subscription gives you an additional 60 days of free shipping once you’ve made a purchase, while any approved Amazon Business client can get 30 days after that.

However, keep in mind that your company’s credit history and the number of users on your account will affect your eligibility.

Improved Financial Management

A commercial membership provides you with more information about your spending, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

To promote or prevent your personnel from ordering certain products from Amazon Business, you can set rules in this section.

These tools assist you avoid overspending while also making it easier for you to keep track of the costs associated with your business.

Amazon WorkDocs access

Amazon WorkDocs, a piece of cloud-based software, is included as part of Business Prime.

HIPAA-compliant security and cloud storage make this an alternative to Google Docs that is designed to make document production and editing easier for employees.

As a reminder, WorkDocs charges a $5 per-user monthly access price if purchased separately from Prime.

What are the main differences between Business Prime and Prime?

Commercial subscribers are drawn to the Business membership due to the additional financial and software perks it offers. It also offers discounts to help you save money if you buy the same thing frequently.

However, unlike a typical personal account, this one does not provide access to music, video, or groceries.

Aside from that, Business Prime costs $60 extra per year than a standard membership.

How Do I Open a Business Amazon Prime Account on Amazon Prime?

An Amazon Business account that has been upgraded to Prime would work perfectly for this purpose.

If you already have a regular Amazon account, you can upgrade it to a business account, or you can create a new business account from scratch.

Even if you choose the second option, Amazon will need to verify that you are, in fact, the owner of a business if your goal is to keep personal and business transactions separate.

Is Amazon Prime for Businesses a Thing of the Past?

There is a business credit card accessible only to users of Amazon’s Business Prime program.

For most Whole Foods and Amazon purchases, customers who pay with this card receive a 5 percent reward.

In addition to the variable interest rate of 14.24 to 22.24 percent, the card also charges a higher rate of 24.99 percent on cash advances.

Are the benefits of Amazon’s Business Prime program worth the price tag?

Your company’s use of Amazon Business Prime will determine whether or not it is a good fit.

Take into account the costs of the offered services and the frequency of your supply purchases. Compare the price of these to the price you’ll pay if you sign up for the Business Prime subscription.

You may also utilize the 30-day free trial to track your monthly expenses to see whether you are saving any money.

Keep in mind that several competitors, like Staples, make it quite simple to receive free shipping.

Comparing Business Prime to other retail memberships geared toward business, such as Staples Plus, is another option.

The yearly fee for this club is $49, but members receive free one-day shipping, additional reward credits, and a range of discounts in exchange.

Although the perks are more limited, the subscription costs less than Amazon Business Prime.

What is a business account on Amazon?

If you wish to use Business Prime or purchase business items without a Prime membership, you’ll need a free Amazon Business Account.

In addition to not having to pay sales tax on qualifying items, this program offers a number of other important advantages.

It also offers unique savings on business-oriented products, particularly when purchased in quantity.

What Are the Rules for Amazon Prime Expenses?

In the United States, subscription costs can normally be deducted from your taxable income.

However, you can only do this if you utilize the account for business purposes alone. If you’re unsure about anything, check with the IRS or hire a tax accountant.

Is it possible to convert my Amazon Prime account to one for my business?

By signing up for Business Prime Duo, you can get Business Prime perks on a personal account, but you’ll still need a Business account (see above).

Using your Amazon-linked email account, you can log in to Amazon Business and make adjustments.

Find the Business Prime logo in “Your Account” and click on it to activate the service. The next step is to change the status of your membership by clicking on the link “Manage.”

How Do I Unsubscribe from Amazon Prime for Business?

This subscription may not be appropriate for your business, or it may be out of reach; in that case, click the Business Prime emblem in “Your Account.”

Once you’ve done that, go to “Manage” and look for “Cancel.” Selecting this option may prompt a confirmation from the system that you really wish to cancel your subscription and leave.

Is There a Way I Can Refund My Amazon Prime Subscription?

If you decide to cancel your membership, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund, but if you used any of the membership benefits after paying the final cost, you will not be fully repaid.

In order to take advantage of free shipping or other savings, you’ll need to make purchases.

If you cancel your subscription, the refund amount will be immediately displayed on the website, so you won’t need to contact customer care.

What Is Amazon Prime Duo for Small Businesses?

Consider upgrading an existing Prime membership to Business Prime Duo if you want to get the most out of both your personal and business Amazon Prime memberships.

Because it can only accommodate one corporate user, this account isn’t the best option for a large corporation.

Although the upgrade costs $69 annually, you’ll save $110 over the cost of two individual personal and commercial subscriptions.

Is Amazon Prime for Business a subscription to video and music?

You won’t be able to access Amazon Music, Prime Video, or Prime Reading if you have an Amazon Business Prime subscription.

In their place are features geared toward the workplace, such as volume discounts and a function dubbed Instant Customer Feedback.

Is Whole Foods included in Amazon Prime?

Commercial customers do not have access to the same Whole Foods Market perks as those with personal accounts.

Additionally, Amazon Fresh grocery delivery services for Business Prime customers have been discontinued.

These and other personal perks are still available to you if you have a Business Prime Duo subscription, so don’t worry about it.

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Bottom Line

This commercial counterpart of Amazon’s well-known premium membership, Amazon Business Prime, is offered by the online retailer. No additional fees are required to take advantage of Lightning Deals and rapid delivery.

Separate corporate features include progressive discounts, WorkDocs access and more detailed spending statistics, among other things.

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