Does Big Lots Take Food Stamps

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In order to reduce hunger and malnutrition among the most disadvantaged Americans, the EBT program is dependent on a large network of food retailers. 

With the economy how it is, many individuals are turning to food stamps and other government assistance programs like EBT cards to save money on their supermarket and retail purchases.

You can use EBT at Big Lots, so there’s no need to question if you can use your card there!

In 2022, will Big Lots accept EBT?

In 2022, Big Lots will take EBT to all of its stores that carry SNAP-eligible products. Since more individuals use EBT/SNAP cards, the firm is focused on expanding its network of EBT/SNAP-compliant retailers.

Additionally, you may utilize the company’s website to locate a Big Lots location that takes EBT cards.

You may learn more about Big Lots’ EBT program, including which stores accept it and how you can profit from it, by continuing to read this article.

How do I utilize EBT at Big Lots?

Federal funds support the SNAP/EBT program, but each state is in charge of implementing it.

As a result, the steps for using your EBT card at various Big Lots locations may alter significantly depending on the state, but the overall approach is as follows:

  1. Look at your most recent receipt or contact the number on the back of your card to check your balance.
  2. Make your way to the cashier’s desk with your purchases. Verify that all of the goods are eligible for food stamps
  3. Don’t forget to show your EBT card at the POS terminal of Big Lots.
  4. Input your four-digit PIN into the keypad. In place of digits, the keypad displays asterisks (****).
  5. To continue, hit the ENTER key.
  6. Yes/OK is all that’s needed to confirm that the purchase total is correct.
  7. Afterward, you will receive a receipt that includes the retailer’s name and address, the amount of the purchase, and your new EBT balance.

For future purchases, take a look at what’s on the receipt to see how much you spent. Don’t forget that shopping on EBT is free of charge!

Will Big Lots accept EBT from a different state?

EBT from out of state can be temporarily accepted at Big Lots if you’re on vacation. The only exception is if you plan on staying in the new state for a lengthy period of time and need to re-apply for your EBT benefits in the new state.

Do you accept EBT online at Big Lots?

However, Big Lots hasn’t made a public statement stating that it takes EBT for online buyers. Because of this, you can only shop at a Big Lots location that accepts EBT to have access to a wide range of qualifying items.

How Can I Get a Big Lots EBT?

Big Lots does not have any specific EBT qualifying procedures. Shopping at any Big Lots that accepts EBT is possible if you are approved for the SNAP/EBT program.

Following are the three prerequisites that must be met in order for a household to qualify for SNAP assistance under federal regulations:

  • The household’s gross income must be less than or equal to 130 percent of the poverty level before deductions can be made.
  • Ideally, the family’s net income should fall below the poverty level.
  • In a family where no one has a handicap, assets can’t exceed $2500. A member’s assets should not exceed $3,750 if they are disabled.

Any of the following categories exclude you, however:

  • Immigrants who entered the country illegally
  • Strike action by individuals
  • Pupils that go to school full-time and are members of a specific demographic
  • Immigrants who have obtained legal status

Adults without children who are not handicapped can get SNAP benefits for a maximum of three months every three years.

What Items Can You Buy at Big Lots Using EBT?

SNAP is meant to give additional nourishment to Americans who would otherwise be unable to purchase it, therefore only consumables are eligible. Eligible foodstuffs can be divided into four major categories:

  • loaves of bread and cereals
  • Meat, fish, and poultry
  • Dairy products
  • Fruits and vegetables

What merchandise cannot be purchased with EBT at Big Lots?

Products such as the following are not eligible for EBT purchase at Big Lots:

  • Toys, furniture, and beds are examples of non-food items.
  • Animal and plant-based foods (i.e pet food)
  • Tobacco products, including beer, liquor, and wine
  • Purchased foodstuffs to be consumed while shopping
    scalding dishes
  • Medications or vitamins

How long may I use my EBT card at Big Lots?

As long as your EBT card is active, you’re OK to go to Big Lots. It is during this time that your SNAP case is certified and you continue to get benefits.

In other cases, the certification term is six, twelve, or twenty-four months, during which time you must recertify to continue receiving benefits.

Before your existing certification expires, you must recertify in order to avoid having your benefits stopped.

Midway through your certification period, you may decide to quit or reduce the number of SNAP benefits.

How come Big Lots accepts EBT?

Many of Big Lots’ low-income customers are able to purchase basic food items at the store because of the retailer’s EBT program.

Additionally, the shop now has the capacity to routinely and reliably supply frozen and refrigerated items.

According to USDA guidelines, a supermarket must carry five different types of basic goods. 

There are three of these categories:

  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Dairy products
  • Vegetables and fruits

EBT vouchers are also used by Big Lots to attract and keep customers and enhance sales of non-EBT eligible items. A retailer’s profit comes from the EBT program itself.

What Additional Stores Accept EBT?

EBT cards are accepted by a broad range of national and local shops, including Walmart and Aldi.

In order to find out which stores take EBT, you may check both the store’s website as well as that of the USDA.

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Bottom Line

SNAP/EBT is a government-sponsored program that allows low-income people to receive free or reduced-price food from Big Lots.

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