Does Best Buy Price Match Costco

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Consumer electronics retailer Best Buy in the United States has a Price Match Policy that ensures that customers may purchase high-quality products at a reasonable price.

ustomers may wonder if Best Buy matches Costco’s prices, given that the retailer does not guarantee that it would match the prices of every retailer in the country. Find out if it works by reading on.

In 2022, will Best Buy’s price match Costco’s?

People who shop at Best Buy may only price match goods at Costco locations that are within a 25-mile radius of each other. When customers shop at or in-store and discover that they can get a better value elsewhere, they can ask Best Buy for a discount.

Whether you’re curious about if Best Buy will match Costco’s prices online or in-store, or if Best Buy would price match after purchase, keep reading.

Can Best Buy and Costco match each other’s in-store prices?

As long as the Costco store is a nearby rival to the Best Buy location you’re shopping at, you can get a price match at Costco with Best Buy.

Customers can compare Best Buy pricing to Costco prices if Costco is a local retail rival to your local Best Buy shop, according to Best Buy’s price match promise (within a 25-mile radius).

Requesting a price match between Costco and Best Buy requires that the exact item is on hand and readily accessible at the time of purchase at the Costco location in your area.

Before honoring your price match request, Best Buy will need to confirm the discrepancy with the local Costco location.

Does Best Buy match the price on

Qualifying goods from internet sellers like will have their prices matched by Best Buy. Best Buy’s price match guarantee policy allows consumers to check the online pricing of eligible goods at and request lower prices based on the consequent price difference.

\Although Best Buy will match’s advertised price, they will only do so if the consumer shows a live ad instead of a snapshot.

For those customers who want to make their price match request by phone, they will need to offer Best Buy’s representative specific instructions on how to find the lower pricing.

Visiting Best Buy in person is the only way to compare costs on an item if you need a Costco membership number.

Additionally, Best Buy’s price matching does not include if the client submits pricing of Costco loyalty rewards or special discounts on Costco’s membership programs.

After a purchase, does Best Buy match Costco’s price?

Even though Costco is a nearby competitor, Best Buy does not price match with them after the purchase. Best Buy is only ready to match competitor prices at the time of sale and not after a transaction is accepted under the Price Match guarantee policy of Best Buy.

You can’t seek a refund from Best Buy since Costco’s pricing was lower than Best Buy’s when you purchased the item. Instead of relying only on Costco’s price match, buyers should shop around to see if they can obtain a better bargain elsewhere and then take advantage of the price match.

Consumers can only get a price match from Best Buy if they compare their purchases at Best Buy’s in-store,, and Best Buy app stores after making a purchase.

During the stipulated return and exchange period, price matching with Best Buy’s shops may only be done after the discounts have been applied. Please have a look at our linked blogs to see whether Target’s pricing matches Best Buy’s and if Best Buy’s price adjustment policy matches Target’s.

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