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Buying auto components is a necessary element of owning a car, whether you are new to it or a seasoned veteran. As a result, the pricing should be affordable.

If you’re looking for a wide range of automobile accessories, AutoZone is your best bet. What about the costs? Is AutoZone’s price comparable to those of its rivals? Keep reading if you want to know more!

Does AutoZone Price Match In 2022?

In 2022, AutoZone will match the prices of its competitors, including Walmart, O’Reilly, and Advanced Auto. Only goods or components with the same characteristics and guarantee are affected by this. While AutoZone will match in-store prices, it does not do so for online purchases from retailers like Amazon and RockAuto.

Read on to discover more about AutoZone’s price matching policy and how it compares to its competitors!

What Is AutoZone’s Price Match Policy?

There are a few conditions attached to AutoZone’s price match policy, and those conditions decide whether or not the request is approved. You’ll need to provide proof of the cheaper price to achieve the price match. This product should have the same characteristics as AutoZone’s. Additionally, AutoZone will only match a competitor’s price if the item you wish to purchase is in stock.

The company will also exclusively match with businesses in a specified location. For this reason, your price match must fulfill all of these specifications in order to be approved. Keep in mind that AutoZone will not price match a product from a competitor’s online store if you use this service.

How Do You Request a Price Match at AutoZone?

Requesting a price match only requires evidence of the competitor’s price. You can prove to the store that the competition is providing a cheaper price by bringing a receipt or ads. Bring the merchandise to AutoZone’s customer service desk or checkout register for assistance after you have proof of purchase. You’ll obtain a price match if your request is in line with the guidelines.

Does AutoZone Price Match Advanced Auto?

Advanced Auto, like AutoZone, is an American automobile parts retailer having locations in the United States and abroad. AutoZone will match the price of Advanced Auto because they are both competing businesses.

AutoZone and Advance Auto are often located next to one another in most states, so it’s not difficult to tell the two apart. If you require a price match from AutoZone, the chances are good that they will accept it. However, if there isn’t an Advanced Auto near your AutoZone, you may still speak to the manager in charge of making choices, but you won’t be guaranteed a price match.

Does AutoZone Price Match Walmart?

Because Walmart is one of AutoZone’s primary rivals, the company does price match at Walmart. Because Walmart has numerous comparable goods on hand, AutoZone’s price match policy applies. That’s why AutoZone will match any lower-priced items found elsewhere.

Does AutoZone Price Match Amazon?

According to AutoZone’s price match policy, they do not match items from third-party sellers like Amazon.

Therefore, AutoZone will not match the price of components offered on the e-commerce site.
Remember that this restriction is in effect even when Amazon offers cheaper pricing and promotions, such as on Black Friday. As a result, you will not be able to utilize these rates to negotiate a lower AutoZone pricing.

Does AutoZone Price Match RockAuto?

It’s unlikely that AutoZone will match the pricing of RockAuto because the company is largely an internet store. However, several workers claim that the branch pricing matched RockAuto for identical goods that had the same guarantee and overnight shipment at the same branch location.

Since RockAuto sends parts from more than 300 manufacturers globally, it is a better option than AutoZone when it comes to online shopping. Consequently, only certain circumstances or management decisions will be honored by AutoZone when it comes to price matching.

If a manufacturer near your AutoZone supplies items via RockAuto, you’ll have a better chance of achieving a price match.

Does AutoZone Price Match Napa?

Even though Napa is often more costly than AutoZone in terms of automobile parts prices, AutoZone customers can request a price match if they find a lower price at Napa. Napa, like AutoZone, has more than 6,000 locations in the United States, making it easy for customers to verify reduced prices.

Can You Price Match and Also Use a Coupon at AutoZone?

AutoZone offers a variety of discounts and promotions. You can’t use a coupon on price-matched items since the item’s cost has already been reduced by the time the discount is applied.

Bottom Line

Local rivals such as Advanced Auto, Walmart, and O’Reilly will all have their prices matched by AutoZone while in-store. There are certain exceptions, however, such as items or components that have the same characteristics and a similar length of warranty coverage.

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