Does Amazon Ship To Pakistan

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You may be wondering if Amazon would deliver to Pakistan if you need a delivery delivered there. After doing some research, I found out a little more about the Amazon service’s shipping capabilities to Pakistan.

In 2022, Will Amazon be delivering to Pakistan?

Only a small number of Amazon goods may be sent to Pakistan, which is a real bummer. Despite the fact that Pakistan is outside of Amazon’s usual international delivery zone, most Amazon Marketplace vendors do not ship to Pakistan.’s International Shopping page can be used to determine if an item can be sent to Pakistan.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Amazon’s shipping and delivery regulations for Pakistan.

Does Amazon Ship Free To Pakistan?

Pakistan and the neighboring countries do not qualify for Amazon’s free delivery offer. Pakistan is not included in the list of countries and goods that qualify for free AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping.

Amazon International Shopping has just expanded, which means that a greater range of items from Amazon’s main U.S. site can now be sent to Pakistan. Before making a purchase on Amazon, be sure to input your shipping address so that you aren’t disappointed when you discover that the item you wanted does not ship to Pakistan.

Is It Possible To Ship Amazon Orders To Pakistan?

If you’re looking for Amazon items that can be sent to Pakistan, check out Amazon International Shopping.

Items that cannot be delivered to the specified address in Pakistan are not included in our shopping platform. There are a variety of things that may be shipped to Pakistan, including books, kitchenware, electronics, tools, and personal care items.

It’s also critical to double-check the merchant and shipping details on each product listing before making a purchase because Amazon third-party merchants often have varied delivery requirements.

A note from Amazon will inform you if there are any concerns with the delivery address.

In Pakistan, How Much Does Amazon’s Shipping cost?

Keep in mind that if you locate Amazon items that you would like to have sent to Pakistan, the shipping costs will be more than normal.

In certain cases, Amazon sellers may charge as much as $40 for a single item, depending on its weight and delivery restrictions. To ensure their packages arrive at their intended destination, several Pakistani Amazon customers employ a forwarding service. Amazon’s global shipping prices can give you a better sense of how much delivery to Pakistan will cost at the very least.

Shipping to the Middle East begins at $4.99 for a flat rate. It will cost at least $18.99 for priority delivery and at least $39.99 for expedited shipment. Amazon’s international shipping prices are only valid for items purchased on their website.

How long does it take for Amazon packages to arrive in Pakistan?

A number of factors, including the specified shipment time and the product distribution region, influence Amazon delivery times to Pakistan. There are fulfillment facilities across the US, Europe, and Asia, although the majority of Amazon’s warehouses are based in the United States.

It’s possible that European items can be delivered to Pakistan more quickly than those from the United States. International Amazon shipping to Pakistan might take as long as two weeks at a minimum.

When you purchase something from Amazon, you’ll get an email with the estimated delivery date in the subject line and order details. You’ll know exactly when an Amazon delivery is going to arrive in Pakistan, or any other nation for that matter.

Bottom Line

There aren’t many things that can be shipped to Pakistan because it’s outside of Amazon’s usual shipping area.

Although Amazon has expanded its worldwide shopping to include more things for delivery to nations throughout the world, some additional items may be available for Pakistani customers. Amazon doesn’t send millions of things to Pakistan, but you may enter the country’s address in the International Shopping page and have the items transported there.

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