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Does Amazon Ship To Mexico

By David Krug 4 minute read

The ability of Amazon to provide two- or even same-day shipping is one of the finest features of purchasing anything from the firm. Because your home is outside of the United States, you might question if it’s possible to get an Amazon order shipped to you if you reside there instead. What you need to know about Amazon’s shipping to Mexico from my study is right here!

In 2022, will Amazon ship products to Mexico?

In 2022, Amazon will be able to deliver selected items to the vast majority of Mexican locations. In general, shipping costs between $15 and $50, depending on the shipment period, the number of items, and the season. Free shipping is available on a few items. 

Mexican customers will be charged an additional Import Fee by Amazon when their order ships from the United States. Continue reading to find out more about Amazon’s shipping policies for items transported to Mexico and more!

How Do You Ship Amazon Items To Mexico?

Change a few things in your Amazon account’s settings online if you want your Amazon orders sent to a Mexican location.

To begin the process of shipping your purchases to Mexico, log in to your Amazon account on your computer. Finally, you may access all of your account information by hovering your mouse pointer over the part labeled “Accounts & Lists.”

Click on “Your Addresses” under “Ordering and Shopping Preferences” to add the addresses to your shopping cart. Enter your Mexican address information after selecting ‘Add a New Address in the menu.

In the top dropdown menu, you must select your country to proceed. After saving your information, pick the ‘Set As Default’ option next to the foreign address you just provided. Shipping to your Mexican address is already complete.

How Much Is Amazon’s International Shipping Fee?

The cost of international shipping varies from seller to seller, product type to product type, and order quantity to order quantity.

Numerous shipping charges may be incurred if you purchase multiple items from Amazon and have them sent to Mexico. Non-media items shipped to Mexico are also subject to shipping rates established by the Amazon sellers.

Product shipments to Mexico typically take three to six weeks, and the shipping costs range from $15 to $25. There are additional fees if you need the items delivered within three to seven days.

Is It Possible to Get Free Shipping on Amazon Products Shipped to Mexico?

You may get free delivery from Amazon to Mexico on your order. To avoid paying for delivery, there are a few simple actions to take. A free delivery may not apply to many addresses, however, including several in Mexico. 

Things that are available on Amazon Global can be used to find free shipping-eligible purchases. For free delivery, your order must total at least $49 before taxes.

Select Free AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping and ‘Group My Items Into as Few Shipments as Possible’ at checkout. This will be followed by a normal checkout process.

Which Products Are Deliverable To Mexico?

What Encourage Amazon to Move Its Employees? There are certain things on Amazon that can be sent to Mexico, although they are limited in number. There is a technique to apply a filter to eligible items in order to save time while shopping on the internet.

The International Shipping Filter must be used once you have established your Mexican address as your default address.

When you click on a product, Amazon tells you if it can be delivered to your Mexican address or not when you click on the item itself. In addition to Mexico, Amazon ships to about 120 countries across the world.

Are There Import Fees for Amazon Products Delivered to Mexico?

Upon checkout, Amazon charges an Import Fee Deposit, which is noted in your order summary if you’re placing an order from outside the United States.

There is a possibility that the import costs charged by Amazon do not reflect the real sums paid to customs officials in some countries.

You will get your money back from Amazon if the deposit you paid for import fees is less than the actual import fees incurred.

A variety of factors influence the import fees, including the kind of goods, the destination country, and the number of items ordered all at once.

Is Amazon Located in Mexico?

As of 2019, Amazon has constructed additional facilities in Mexico to improve delivery efficiency and broaden its market reach.

A total of nearly 300,000 square feet of space is used by Amazon’s Mexico operations, spread over four buildings. An investment of about $125 million has been made in Mexico’s warehouses to date.

However, expanding into Mexico was a priority for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos because of the potential for new employment opportunities there. For example, the distribution facility in Mexico provided 1,500 employees in addition to the 3,00 created by the warehouses.

Replying on behalf of Amazon, a spokesman said that the new positions offer competitive compensation as well as many perks and important work experience for all Amazon workers.

We’ve written on Amazon’s shipping locations, if Amazon Prime delivers on Sundays, and whether Amazon delivers to Hawaii if you’re interested in learning more.

Bottom Line

Several Amazon goods are sent to Mexico, and if your order totals $49 or more before taxes, you may be eligible for free delivery. However, shipping expenses might range from $15 to $50 depending on the goods.

The reason Amazon charges import fees is to cover customs expenses. To be able to ship things to Amazon, you must specify your default address to be your Mexican address.