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One of the key reasons Amazon is such a popular shopping destination is the ease with which you can locate the precise product you’re looking for and the incredibly fast shipping timeframes.

However, if you reside in Puerto Rico, you may wonder if you can purchase things from Amazon and have them delivered to your location there. The information you need regarding sending Amazon packages to Puerto Rico is here!

In 2022, will Amazon ship to Puerto Rico?

As of 2022, Amazon will begin shipping most of its items to Puerto Rico. FedEx, DHL, or the USPS will deliver your item to Puerto Rico for a flat rate of $7-12 (or free if you’re a Prime member). Almost all goods on Amazon are eligible for shipment to Puerto Rico, and shoppers may see this information on the checkout page. Keep reading to learn more about how Amazon orders are sent to Puerto Rico!

What Amazon Products Are Shipped to Puerto Rico?

Most things that are sold within the United States may also be transported to Puerto Rico at a reasonable cost. Unless you utilize the appropriate foreign product page on Amazon, you may not realize that some goods are ineligible until the checkout page.

Customers can begin their product search on Amazon’s international product page to avoid spending time on goods that are not eligible for international shipping. Those items that are exclusively available in the United States will not be transported to Puerto Rico.

There are still some things that are prohibited from entering Puerto Rico even after this filter is applied, such as electronics. If the items are not eligible for shipment, Amazon will inform customers before they make a payment.

How Do You Ship Amazon Purchases To Puerto Rico?

Your default shipping address should be in Puerto Rico if you want to be sure that whatever you order from Amazon can be delivered there.

Go to your “Purchase Preferences” and see which address is selected as the default to see whether your Puerto Rican address is already placed there.

Your Puerto Rican mailing address may be changed by simply going into your account settings and pressing “save changes.”

To expedite delivery to Puerto Rico, Amazon Prime membership is highly recommended. Amazon Prime members get access to a wider selection of items and expedited shipping choices.

Are There Alternative Delivery Methods For Amazon Packages To Puerto Rico?

A package forwarder, like Planet Express, may be used to get a shipment from Amazon to Puerto Rico. Opening an account with a package forwarder is a must.

Your Amazon purchases are accepted by the package forwarder and sent to you in Puerto Rico when you register an account. You’ll usually receive alerts regarding the status of your order from package forwarders through email or mobile phone.

On arrival at the forwarder’s facility, you can choose between regular or priority shipment, as well as whether or not to purchase insurance for your item.

Products entering Puerto Rico are often shipped by businesses like FedEx or DHL, for example. When delivering a costly item, package insurance is highly advised. It’s always an option to get some form of protection in the form of insurance.

How Much Does Amazon Shipping To Puerto Rico Cost?

Depending on the size and weight of the delivery, Amazon charges different shipping fees for deliveries to Puerto Rico. However, on average, shipping costs are between $7 and $12 for a single product.

Additionally, you may estimate your shipping costs before you even place your order with several package forwarding businesses! There are currently no free shipping options available for Amazon orders to be delivered to Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, who is in responsible for Amazon packages?

Most shipments shipped to Puerto Rico are delivered by the US Postal Service. But FedEx and DHL are used to deliver some of the other packages.

When it comes to the shipping method, it all comes down to who makes your item or what services Amazon seller utilizes.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Deliver Packages To Puerto Rico?

Most of your purchases to Puerto Rico will be eligible for free delivery if you are a member of the Amazon Prime program. The two-day shipping Amazon offers in the United States for most goods to Puerto Rico is not attainable.

An alternative delivery method, called ‘Parcel Pool,’ is available to Amazon Prime customers in Puerto Rico. Expedited shipment is available through the Parcel Pool program of the United States Postal Service. There may be a delay of up to two weeks if you are not a member of Amazon Prime.

According to Amazon customers who’ve previously bought products for delivery to Puerto Rico, the typical delivery time is from 10 to 14 days.

If you’d like to learn more about Amazon’s services, you can check out our linked articles on how Amazon sends things so quickly, if Amazon delivers to Mexico, and if Amazon ships to Alaska.

Bottom Line

To ensure that your Amazon items are delivered to Puerto Rico, you must specify your home address in Puerto Rico as your default Amazon address. Puerto Rico Amazon shipments typically cost $7 to $12 but can be more expensive depending on weight and size.

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