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Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes

By David Krug 5 minute read

Using a post office box if the postal service does not deliver to your street or if you are concerned about the safety of your mail is a common practice.

Packages may have a difficult time getting to this location. For more information on whether Amazon ships to PO boxes, continue reading!

Deliveries to Post Office Boxes via Amazon?

Certain products will be sent to a post office box by and its marketplace sellers beginning in 2022. Although they frequently use carriers that do not deliver to PO boxes, numerous items are prohibited from their service because of this limitation. 

Alternatively, Amazon customers can receive their products via General Delivery addresses or other workarounds. Online purchases can still be made even if you simply have a post office box as a mailing address. Find out why Amazon enforces this regulation and how to fix it in the following sections.

For Amazon Orders, consider using general delivery instead.

However, some Amazon customers with PO boxes have been able to obtain their purchases using General Delivery addresses despite the increased chance of package loss.

At your local post office, just like if it were a PO Box, you may pick up the parcel (remember to bring identification). In order to use Amazon’s “General Delivery” service, you must format your mailing address in capital letters.

Your Name


City, State ZIPCODE

People who travel a lot or don’t have postal addresses can use this service from the US Postal Service. Even so, it’s available to anybody who wants to pick up their packages from a post office rather than their own residence or place of work.

In addition, be sure that your local post office accepts General Delivery parcels before attempting this method. You may choose to deliver products to a trustworthy friend or family member with a street address instead of using this technique.

Renting a box from The UPS Store or a shipping facility that handles Amazon deliveries is another option, as well.

Amazon Locker Is Another Great Solution.

Customers can also choose to ship select Amazon items to Amazon Locker locations if they don’t want to use the General Delivery option. It works in the same way as a PO Box, with a storage compartment dedicated to the individual who will be picking up the item.

In addition, this service is absolutely free and there are more than a thousand places in the United States. Select Amazon Locker facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and store items for up to three calendar days until they are made available for collection.

Why is Amazon unable to deliver to PO Boxes?

According to UPS’s website, they do not currently deliver to PO boxes; nonetheless, Amazon currently employs UPS and independent contractors to fulfill numerous shipments.

FedEx and shipping companies are the same. Some marketplace merchants still use FedEx, despite Amazon’s decision to discontinue utilizing the service.

Many of Amazon’s deliveries are handled by UPS or independent contractors because of cost considerations.

There are alternative carriers that transfer bigger products more cheaply even while using the postal service to send tiny, lightweight parcels (especially packages that weigh more than a pound).

There are certain exceptions to this rule, such as Amazon. Among other things, it promises to replace or update phones in post office boxes within five business days. For a new line, you’ll need a street address to get a mobile phone.

This service excludes PO boxes, therefore if you wish to get medication through Amazon Pharmacy, be aware that it does not. There are no off-site pick-up sites for prescription pharmaceuticals, therefore you’ll need a street address to get any of these things.

Does Amazon Prime Deliver To Post Office Boxes?

Even if you have a post office box, you may still be eligible for some of Amazon Prime’s free delivery perks. When you choose qualified marketplace sellers or buy things directly from, Amazon Prime covers the majority of PO boxes in the continental United States.

Amazon Day and release-date deliveries are not available to Prime members with PO boxes. In addition, it’s possible that you’ll need to exercise a bit more tolerance.

Customers with this sort of mailing address will have their Prime items shipped via regular shipping instead of same-day or two-day delivery.

Does Amazon Ship To Puerto Rico Post Office Boxes?

Additional limitations apply if you live in Puerto Rico or wish to send a gift to someone who does. Many, but not all, of the island’s PO boxes are served by Amazon, and the Amazon website will advise you when you input an address whether or not it is suitable for delivery.

Post office boxes in Puerto Rico cannot be shipped via Amazon’s priority or expedited shipping options, to say nothing of other inconveniences.

Certain big, heavy, or dangerous items cannot be sent to this region. The maximum weight of a shipment that can be shipped to any Puerto Rican address is 70 pounds.

Are PO Boxes Accepted For Amazon Fresh Delivery?

Shoppers with PO boxes are unable to collect their purchases at the post office. A street address is required to get a delivery from Fresh. Instead of going to the supermarket, you may pick up your goods from an Amazon Fresh Pickup site near you.

Which Online Stores Ship To Post Office Boxes?

Purchasing an identical product from a different company is an option. There are several stores that limit delivery to boxes, much like Amazon does. The overnight or two-day delivery options offered by certain businesses are not available in this case.

Despite this, a few firms deliver anything to a PO box:

  • Rite Aid
  • Five Below
  • TJ Maxx, Marshalls
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Dollar General
  • Kroger

There are other retailers that will send some products to PO boxes. Ordering little things is likely to be more successful. Target, for example, will ship items to these locations as long as they don’t exceed specific weight or size restrictions.

In order to find out if an item is qualified for free shipping, look at the “Shipping” information under “Item Details.” For those who send their goods by UPS or FedEx, certain stores will not accept orders shipped to a post office box.

They include Staples, Sears, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree. Because of this, consumers of all four enterprises may place orders online and pick them up at the nearest location. Finally, Amazon only delivers a limited assortment of merchandise to post office boxes.

Online purchases can still be made by using a commercial shipping facility, a general delivery address, a family member’s street address, or a shop that will send any item to a PO box.

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