Does Amazon Accept Klarna

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There are several ways to make a purchase on Amazon’s website and mobile app. Customers may make purchases with a variety of methods, including Amazon gift cards, credit and debit cards, and, most recently, “buy now, pay later” apps on their smartphones.

Customers who use Klarna, on the other hand, may ask if Amazon has included this app in its “buy now, pay later” relationships. You may find out by reading the rest of this article.

Does Amazon Accept Klarna In 2022?

Klarna is now one of the payment alternatives available on thanks to Amazon’s latest integration. Customers may use Klarna to pay for Amazon purchases by installing the Klarna app, creating an account, and searching for Amazon in the search field. There is a 4-installment payment plan available for customers who purchase things from and then go through the checkout process.

Keep reading to find out more about Klarna, including how it works, if you can use Klarna for Amazon payment plans, and how to receive a refund from Amazon using Klarna.

How Does Klarna Work With Amazon?

Amazon users may use Klarna, a “buy now, pay later” app, to make purchases on Amazon over the course of four installments. Customers may use the Klarna browser extension to apply their Klarna Card to, or they can use the mobile app to buy on the go.

Customers on Amazon have the option of paying in installments rather than in whole for each item they put in their cart. Both a 30-day and a four-installment plan are available to customers, with no interest or extra costs.

In addition to the goods that currently qualify for a payment plan, using Klarna on Amazon allows users to make smaller installments on things they would otherwise have to pay the entire amount upfront for.

Can I Use Klarna for an Amazon Payment Plan?

Some products in Amazon’s catalog, such as furniture and some gadgets, may be paid for in five payments over 120 days. As an alternative to Amazon’s standard payment plan, consumers can utilize Klarna, which provides a shorter payment schedule.

Customers should be aware that Klarna is not a credit card alternative, but rather a “buy now, pay later” service. The Klarna and Amazon payment options are incompatible, therefore users must make a separate selection for each purchase.

Can I Use Klarna on Amazon Without the Klarna App?

Users on desktop or laptop computers can still utilize Klarna’s browser extension to complete their online purchases. Using the browser plugin, Amazon shoppers may add products to their shopping basket.

On their screen, clients may pick “Pay With K” and proceed with the checkout procedure when they’re ready to pay. Currently, the Klarna browser plugin is only available for use with Google Chrome as an operating system.

How Do I Get an Amazon Refund Using Klarna?

Customers who use Klarna to make purchases on Amazon and then desire to return it will be automatically alerted and Klarna will continue to complete a refund. Depending on the payment method used, a refund might take up to 3-5 business days to process and post to an account, although Klarna promises to handle refunds within 14 days.

Customers can utilize invoices, direct payments, and partial payments using Klarna, all of which are handled at various times. When using Klarna, clients may receive a refund that is different from what they would expect from an Amazon return.

How Can I Use My One-Time Klarna Card on Amazon?

In order to pay for their Amazon purchases using a One-Time Klarna card, consumers must open their Klarna app, pick the Home tab, and type “Amazon” into the search field. A customer may then establish a “One-Time Card” and use it while making a purchase at the checkout, and his or her debit or credit card will be connected to the card.

Can I pay for Amazon Prime using Klarna?

Any website with ecommerce capabilities can use the Klarna app to authorize payment installments. You can now use the app to split your Amazon Prime annual payment with Klarna customers!

A 30-day payment plan, or a four-payment plan paid out every two weeks, is available to customers who want to pay for their Amazon Prime membership in installments. Customers may either use the Klarna app or the browser extension to pay for their Prime subscription using Klarna from their PC.

Bottom Line

Klarna, a “buy now, pay later” app that allows Amazon customers to make purchases using a payment plan, may be used to make payments on Amazon purchases. In order to avoid late fees, customers can choose to pay in four equal installments over the course of 30 days.

Additionally, the Klarna app and Klarna browser extension may be utilized on and the Amazon app, respectively.

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