Does Aldi Sell Flowers

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In addition to pantry essentials, Aldi grocery shops provide a wide range of presents for the special someone on your list. And flowers are the perfect addition to a birthday or anniversary gift. It’s hard to beat the impact of giving something that’s just picked right from the plant. Here’s what I discovered!

In 2022, Will Aldi Still Sell Flowers?

Fresh flower bouquets are only $3.99 at Aldi right now. Throughout the year, Aldi sells seasonal bouquets priced from $3.99 to $14.99 and above. Aldi’s cash registers are decorated with floral arrangements.

Flowers that are frequently purchased at Aldi are listed below, along with the locations where you may get your hands on them at a cheap cost.

Aldi Sells What Kinds Of Flowers?

In addition to the $3.99 daily bouquets, Aldi offers fairtrade roses, tulips, carnation bunches, and daisies. Single-floral bouquets are also available, as are bouquets that include a baby’s breath.

For its seasonal or holiday-themed fresh flowers, Aldi is a well-known name. In the case of ALDI Finds, or limited-edition, limited-availability items, they’re “gone when they’re gone.”

Valentine’s Day is a great time to buy a dozen roses, while Easter is the time to buy potted lilies. Flowers for Mother’s Day can include a wide range of blooms, from tulips and hyacinths to calla lilies and orchids.

Aside from hanging baskets for porches, the arrival of spring heralds the arrival of perennials for planting (like the much-coveted hydrangeas). These may not be standard flowers, but they may still be excellent gifts. During the winter holiday season, Aldi sells amaryllises and other seasonal flowers in festive containers.

Aldi changes its limited-edition/limited-quantity flowers every week, so even if there are no particular occasions, the stores receive different sorts of flowers. In October, try paperwhites in a glass vase, or in July, succulents in tins.

Aldi’s online leaflet for current and upcoming (one week in ahead) ALDI Finds is the greatest method to learn about what kinds of seasonal flowers are available there. 

The flier that is sent out a few days before the arrival of the new goods can also be checked. Aldi Finds mini-fliers are also available at the exits of Aldi stores.

How Much Do Aldi Flowers Cost?

Everyday bouquets cost $3.99, regardless of the type of flowers included. In addition, Aldi’s tiny rose bouquets, which contain six roses, are included in this category. Additionally, daisies and mixed bouquets of flowers are also prevalent.

Prices for ALDI Finds flowers vary greatly. They start at $3.99, as the regular bouquets, but exceptional premium bouquets, which are larger and feature more flowers, may cost anywhere from $8-20.

Small potted flowers can cost as little as $2.50 and can cost as much as $13. Even for potted flowers, Aldi seldom charges more than $20.

Additionally, the pricing of Aldi’s ALDI Finds flowers may be reduced if they don’t sell out quickly enough. With a bit of luck (and a keen eye), you could even score a bargain on a bouquet!

Where Are Aldi’s Flowers Located?

You won’t find a specialized floral area at Aldi as you would at other supermarket chains. As a result, you may expect to see a selection of floral arrangements on display at the checkout counter. Freestanding shelving is more likely to be used for potted flowers or hanging baskets in the business.

Are the Flowers at Aldi of a High Quality?

Aldi’s flower bouquets, particularly their roses, have been praised by many customers for their high level of quality. When handled with care, the bouquets have been said to last up to two weeks!

Flower food and maintenance instructions are included in Aldi bouquets, which may help extend the life of the flowers.

Is Aldi a Florist that Delivers?

No, like a florist, Aldi does not provide flower delivery services. A workaround exists for those times when going to the shop is just not an option because of a time constraint.

Grocery delivery provider Instacart has joined forces with Aldi. It’s possible to get your groceries and flowers delivered to your door with Instacart if you spend $35 worth of flowers.

The pick-up option is available for purchases above $10, so if you don’t want to go inside the shop, you may do it with Instacart. You should be aware that Instacart commonly adds extra to the pricing you’d find in your local supermarket.

In other words, that $3.99 bouquet by the registers might end up costing you a little more (50 cents more seems to be the norm). As a result, you won’t be able to benefit from any in-store price-cutting.

Is It Possible to Order Flowers From Aldi?

You can’t order flowers from Aldi since they don’t have any on hand. Using Aldi’s relationship with Instacart and placing an order based on what’s posted online is the closest you’ll get, once again.

When Does Aldi Receive Fresh Flowers?

On Wednesdays, new goods, such as ALDI Finds, appear on shop shelves. You should look for fresh flowers and limited-edition plants on that day.

Products that are in high demand at Aldi might sell out in a matter of minutes. If you know in advance that a certain type of flower will be for sale, arrive early to ensure you get your hands on it.

Is Aldi a Store That Sells Flower Seeds?

You may buy flower seeds at Aldi if you want to grow flowers from seed to plant. ALDI Finds are only available in the spring and summer as limited-time offers.

During this time of year, Aldi sells pre-planted bulbs in addition to seeds. If you’re looking for more locations to buy flowers, check out our entries on Walgreens, Dollar General, and Walmart flower purchases.

Bottom Line

Yes, Aldi provides a big range of floral arrangements at various price ranges and for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous flower or a festive Christmas décor, Aldi’s reputation for providing high-quality items at reasonable prices remains intact.

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