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Does Aldi Do Cash Back

By David Krug 3 minute read

Today’s digital world may require some cash, even if we don’t often carry it around with us in our wallets.

Customers are now able to receive money back when they purchase anything from stores as a consequence. You might be wondering if Aldi stores pay back cash. You can reach me at any time.

In 2022, will Aldi accept Cash Back?

As of 2022, Aldi will be offering cashback at all of its US stores. Up to $100 in cashback is available at the register when paying with a debit or Discover card.

For any other method of payment, Aldi does not provide a refund in cash. Please continue reading if you’d like to know which debit cards are compatible and how much cashback you may earn.

Which cards can be used for cashback at Aldi?

At Aldi, you can only earn cashback with your debit or Discover card. A cashback transaction may only be made with a check card or Discover card, which Aldi accepts for all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, EBT, and cash.

In order to receive Aldi’s cashback program, your debit card must be linked to an active checking account that has sufficient money.

Your bank is the best resource to turn to if you’re having problems or worries. As a result of the Discover Card’s cash-back function, customers may use it at checkout for a wide range of shops.

Does Aldi charge a fee for cashback?

There is no indication that Aldi charges a fee for using the cash-back option. You won’t be fined if you do this.

Customers who use smaller banks with fewer convenient ATM alternatives and so have to pay fees at out-of-network ATMs may discover that getting cash back at Aldi is a very handy and cost-effective option.

Aldi did attract some backlash and media attention in 2020.05 percent “sneaky fees,” but that was for contactless payments. In order to receive cashback, you cannot pay with contactless payment.

How Much Cash Back Can Aldi Offer?

There is a limit on how much cashback you may earn at the Aldi cashier registers. $10, $20, $40, or $100 are some of the options.

Customer requests for customized quantities are not allowed by Aldi. An ATM or a separate retailer must be used for any amounts more than the ones provided.

Aldi’s super-efficient check-out system may be the reason for these restrictions, according to an informed estimate.

Aldi does not take checks or coupons, so the only thing that may hold down the check-out process would be cashback, which the cashiers are famous for.

Keeping transactions to a single $20 note, or multiples of that bill ($20), makes it easier for cashiers to process transactions and keeps queues moving (which helps keep prices down).

How Much Cash Back Does Aldi Offer?

The maximum refund from Aldi is $100. Discover cardholders should take note, as the company’s website states that they are eligible to get up to $120 in cashback every 24 hours using their card. Aldi will only allow them to earn $100 at the most.

Can I Get More Than $100 Cash Back From Aldi?

You can obtain more than $100 in cashback while shopping at Aldi, but you will have to either split your purchase into two at the same checkout; or pay once, re-enter the store, buy something else, and go through the check-out process again.

We’ve written about Aldi accepting checks and Apple Pay as well as which credit and debit cards they take if you want to learn more.

Bottom Line

Aldi does provide cashback up to $100 at all of its U.S. locations, so long as you have a suitable debit card or Discover credit card.

This is a convenient service offered by the grocery store chain and another reason why customers enjoy shopping there so much.

David Krug