Does Advance Auto Take Old Batteries

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It is imperative that you dispose of your automobile batteries in a manner that protects the environment and your health.

Advance Auto Parts, for example, accepts old batteries for recycling, which is a good thing. But who will foot the bill? For more information, read on to learn what I found out.

In the year 2022, will Advance Auto Parts still buy used batteries?

This year, Advance Auto Parts will begin recycling used batteries. The business might not buy the battery, but you’ll get a $10 gift card if you bring it back to the shop. You’ll also get the core credit lowered if you purchased the battery from any Advance Auto locations.

Please continue reading to learn more about what Advance Auto Parts does with outdated batteries and how you may benefit from it.

Is Advance Auto Parts willing to pay you for old batteries?

You’ll get a $10 gift card if you return your old car battery to an Advance Auto Parts store. As a result, you will not receive a cash return from the retailer.

Regardless of whether you purchased the battery from Advance Auto Parts or another source, this is still the case.

You can get a gift card from Advance Auto Parts by bringing in some old batteries from your garage.

To make up for it, if you buy the replacement battery from one of these places, you’ll get a credit toward the core price.

In order to ensure that customers return their old batteries, Advance Auto Parts charges a core fee on the price of a new battery.

Should You Bring Your Old Battery to Advance Auto Parts After a Certain Amount of Time?

A automobile battery should last, on average, between three and five years.

According to AAA, batteries can last up to five years or more if you live in the north.

A three-year battery life is also possible if you live in a hot southern area.

It’s not always the case, however; a battery might degrade before the three-year mark.

Your battery’s lifespan can be greatly accelerated by the amount of time it spends in hot and cold environments.

To ensure that the battery is in good working order, you should have it checked out during routine car maintenance and inspections.

If your car’s battery begins to fail, you can bring it to Advance Auto Parts for a free battery diagnostic.

Give it to recycling when the workers pronounce it dead so that you can acquire a new one for your vehicle with your old one in good working order.

When you buy a new battery, why not recycle your old one?

Batteries in automobiles are extremely delicate and can cause harm to both the environment and human health if not handled properly. There are many reasons why you should dispose of them in a proper manner:

Risks to Health

There are dangerous and poisonous compounds in batteries that can cause skin irritation and other health problems for humans.

It is possible to get respiratory illnesses if the poisonous fumes containing heavy metals are discharged into the air.

It’s best to recycle your old batteries at Advance Auto Parts to avoid these problems.

Concerns about the environment

The environment benefits greatly from battery recycling.

Most states have passed legislation making it unlawful to dispose of automobile batteries in landfills and garbage cans, therefore it is technically supported by law.

Lead and acid poisoning of soil, water streams, and groundwater can be exacerbated by disposing of your automobile batteries in a landfill or trash.

On a long-term basis, this has implications for crops, wildlife, and humans.

Does Advance Auto Parts accept used batteries in all of their locations?

Unless the law prohibits it, you can drop off your batteries at any of these locations, according to Advance Auto Parts’ website.

Depending on the state, you may not be able to recycle your batteries at a local auto shop. Take them to a local or state recycling facility if this is the case.

As a result, you can check with the business’s manager or the nearest store to see if they take old batteries.

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Bottom Line

Battery recycling is available through Advance Auto Parts. Because of this, you may bring in your old batteries to any of these locations and have them recycled. The business might not buy the battery, but you’ll get a $10 gift card if you bring it back to the shop.

For those who purchased their battery from one of these businesses, they will receive a discount on a new battery in the form of a core credit.

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