Does Ace Hardware Repair Window Screens

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Known for its great customer service, Ace Hardware is one of the world’s largest retail co-ops. Along with power equipment and raw materials, Ace Hardware also supplies house basics like windows.

It’s possible that you’re wondering if Ace Hardware can help you with your window screen repair, how much it will cost, and the best way to go about it. My investigation has led me to this conclusion!

In 2022, does Ace Hardware repair window screens?

As of 2022, Ace Hardware will be the only shop to repair and manufacture window and door screens of various sizes.

Ace Hardware has window screen patches available for purchase online or in-store, depending on the size you need.

Whether or not Ace Hardware fixes window screens, how much it costs, whether or not Ace Hardware sells window screens, and whether or not Ace Hardware is competent at fixing window screens, keep reading!

How much does window screen repair cost at Ace Hardware?

It is possible to change window screens at Ace Hardware locations. Because Ace Hardware is a co-op, each shop owners determine their own rates for services, which means that costs might vary widely.

According to online user reviews, a pre-assembled window screen repair at Ace Hardware costs roughly $5.50.

The cost of replacing a window screen on a well-maintained window frame should be no more than $12.50 at Ace Hardware if the screen is cut and installed.

If you need a replacement screen, though, expect to pay roughly $23.50 in labor at Ace Hardware. Also, Ace Hardware has patches that can apply to your window screen for you.

If you have this information, your neighborhood hardware shop clerk can help you choose the ideal window screen for your home.

How do I have my window screen fixed at Ace Hardware?

Getting a window screen fixed at Ace Hardware requires you to either measure the screen or bring it into the shop for the technicians to inspect it.

For this reason and more, you may use Ace Hardware’s locator to discover nearby stores. As a further option, Ace Hardware offers a wide range of replacement screens for both windows and doors.

As an example, the Great Lakes Ace Hardware shop recommends that consumers visit the service counter to choose the material for their window screens.

Following your visit to the service counter, you’ll receive a price quotation for your window screen and may be requested to pay before you can pick up your screen from Ace Hardware.

There is a phone call you will get from Ace Hardware after they have finished repairing your window screen. If you’re in need of a quick window screen repair, Ace Hardware has you covered.

Can I Do My Own Window Screen Repair?

You can fix your own window screen at Ace Hardware if you want to. Another popular item (priced at $14.99) is the Screenmend Charcoal Fiberglass Screen Repair Patch 2. W x 80 in. L 1 pack.

Is Ace Hardware Screen Repair Professional?

Ace Hardware has said that their in-store window screen repair service is excellent since it is performed by a team of devoted specialists.

Repairs to windows screens at Ace Hardware are allegedly constructed using branded materials that resemble the originals, according to Ace.

Custom window and door screens may also be ordered from Ace Hardware, making it easier to fit the screen into the area you need.

Additionally, the cost and turnaround time for window screen repair at Ace Hardware is competitive, making it a good option for the service.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about Ace Hardware’s products and services we’ve written about whether Ace Hardware rekeys locks, creates keys, and cuts glass.

Bottom Line

Window and door screens may be repaired at Ace Hardware. As an additional option, Ace Hardware offers custom-made window and door screens in the event a replacement isn’t practical.

A basic window screen repair at Ace Hardware costs roughly $5 and is competitively priced. Even so, you should check with your local Ace Hardware shop to find out about their unique pricing and restrictions on window screen repair.

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