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Does Ace Hardware Make Keys

By David Krug 4 minute read

American hardware company Ace Hardware has the distinction of being the world’s largest seller of hardware. Ace has everything you need for your home improvement projects, including paint, plumbing supplies, and even key-cutting!

Need a key cut if you’ve been locked out? What if you’ve misplaced your mailbox key and you’re waiting for a crucial letter? Here’s what I’ve learned about whether or not Ace Hardware makes keys after doing some research!

In 2022, will Ace Hardware continue to manufacture keys?

As of 2022, Ace Hardware will manufacture keys for all sorts of locks. Key cutting at Ace Hardware costs between $1.50 to $5 for ordinary keys, which is a great deal.

Keys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and rubber coverings and key chains may be purchased right there at the store. All of your key-cutting requirements may be met at Ace Hardware! See what Ace Hardware has to offer you in the following paragraphs!

How Much Does Ace Hardware Charge For Key Production?

Depending on the key type, the cost to produce one at Ace Hardware can be as little as $1.50.
In general, a single-sided key is less expensive than a double-sided key, however, pricing might vary greatly from store to store.

The price can rise to $8 for a more complicated key, such as a vehicle key. FOBs and other types of keys will also cost more than a normal key to the house.

Does Ace Hardware Have A Locksmith?

Every store of Ace Hardware offers the service of a locksmith. That being stated, a conventional key-cutting service is available from the on-site locksmith.

You won’t have to deal with anything extra because the locksmith will be able to duplicate your old key for you. For anyone who has ever been locked out of their house or automobile, these services may be really useful!

Is Ace Hardware a Source for Replacement Mailbox Keys?

In order to replace a mailbox key, Ace Hardware provides new locks that may be installed rather than a replacement for the old key. However, you can get them on the Ace Hardware website, along with instructions on how to install the new lock.

The business can also make a duplicate mailbox key for you quickly and affordably if that’s all you need is a simple backup key. Keys may be purchased on the site as well, as long as they are the correct type for your lock.

What Types of Keys Does Ace Hardware Cut?

With Ace Hardware’s key cutting service, you may get any standard key cut, including vehicle keys and FOBS. And now we have another standard key to add to our ever-growing inventory of household essentials.

In addition, Ace Hardware is one of the few franchised stores where you may get a new vehicle key. As a result, Ace Hardware’s locksmiths are capable of duplicating auto chip vehicle keys and a wide range of FOBs.

Ace Hardware Is Capable Of Duplicating A Do Not Duplicate Key?

Yes, some Ace Hardware stores will copy a do not duplicate key. Essentially, the engraved message on a ‘do not duplicate’ key is just a recommendation. However, Ace Hardware may refuse to copy a key with this engraving. So, if you have a key with this message on it, it’s probably best to only keep one copy unless advised otherwise.

Does Ace Hardware Make Car Keys?

All brands and types of automobile keys are available at Ace Hardware. Qualified technicians on-site can program each duplicate or replacement car key in minutes. It’s still important to verify that your exact auto key is available online before heading to the store!

However, Ace Hardware has an easy-to-use search function on its website to see if your local store can supply the key you’re looking for. Furthermore, this level of care is unmatched by any of your local vehicle dealerships!

Are Ace Hardware’s Keys a Good Deal?

The pricing for key cutting at Ace Hardware is comparable to those at other hardware stores, but Ace Hardware has a wider selection of keys it can cut than other stores.

It’s also worth noting that prices for key cutting vary widely among retailers, but Ace Hardware provides the greatest value for both its supplies and services.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Key Accessories?

Yes, Ace Hardware does have a variety of key accessories, including rubber coverings and key chains. As an added bonus, Ace Hardware sells keys in a variety of patterns and colors, and designs.

As a result, Ace Hardware offers a wide variety of options to make sure your key is unique. More information is available on our pages on whether Ace Hardware rekeys locks, cuts glass, and fixes window screens if you wish to view those posts.

Bottom Line

According to Ace Hardware’s exceptional key cutting service, even more, complicated keys like vehicle keys and FOBs may be cut quickly and easily.

Additionally, in-store qualified technicians have the necessary instruments to perform a key replacement or duplication service.

In addition, the cost of a standard key will vary depending on the kind of key and any other accessories that are acquired at the time of purchase.