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Does Ace Hardware Drug Test

By David Krug 4 minute read

Ace Hardware is one of the world’s largest hardware merchants, with more than 5,000 locations worldwide. Since their stores are so popular, Ace Hardware is a terrific place to work.

Working at Ace Hardware may pique your curiosity as to whether or not they do drug tests as part of the hiring process. What I’ve learned about Ace Hardware’s drug test after doing some investigation!

In 2022, does Ace Hardware conduct drug tests?

Depending on the location, you may be subjected to a drug test at Ace Hardware. When it comes to drug testing, individual Ace Hardware shops have varying procedures.

Additionally, the position for which you apply might also influence whether or not you must submit to a drug test. Also recognized for using mouth swabs and urine drug testing, Ace Hardware has a well-known hiring process.

The Ace Hardware drug test policy, when Ace Hardware drug tests its employees, and the consequences for failing a drug test at Ace Hardware are all covered in the following sections.

Do the employees at Ace Hardware undergo drug tests?

As a part of their hiring process and as a standard operating practice for current employees, certain Ace Hardware locations conduct drug tests. Because Ace Hardware stores are individually owned, the policy of the location you’re applying to will determine whether or not you’ll be tested for drugs.

If you’re looking for a position in a certain department at Ace Hardware, you may or may not be subject to a drug test. Prior to your interview with Ace Hardware, you will be made aware of the specific day, time, and drug test type that is expected of you.

Is there a zero-tolerance policy at Ace Hardware?

At Ace Hardware, employees who are under the influence of drugs are not permitted on the premises. Using, selling, or distributing illegal narcotics is strictly forbidden at Ace Hardware for all workers.

In addition, Ace Hardware will not accept drug usage by their workers at work, since it might put other employees and customers at risk and hamper their ability to do their job duties. Anyone caught using narcotics at Ace Hardware risks losing their job and being investigated by law police.

Which Drug Test Does Ace Hardware Utilize?

To prevent manipulation, your drug test for Ace Hardware may be administered at a third-party facility. According to rumors, Ace Hardware will take your sample before sending it to a lab for examination on their own dime. When Ace Hardware tells you that a drug test is required, they should advise you of the sort of drug test that you will be subjected to.

What do drug tests for Ace Hardware look for?

For example, Ace Hardware will conduct drug tests for a wide range of illegal drugs. A positive drug test result is not permitted at Ace Hardware in places where marijuana is legal, so abstain from using the substance if you live there.

You should let Ace Hardware know if you are taking any medicine recommended by your doctor so that the results of your drug test are not affected.

Do you do pre-employment drug testing at Ace Hardware?

Some Ace Hardware locations will not demand a drug test for hiring. You will, however, need a negative test result if you are hired by Ace Hardware and must do a drug test.

Not all positions at Ace Hardware need drug testing. Drug testing may be required for some positions at Ace Hardware, such as those that involve dealing with customers or operating machinery.

When Does Ace Hardware do drug testing?

Employees at Ace Hardware may be subject to drug testing for a variety of reasons. Prior to employment at Ace Hardware, a negative drug test must be obtained in order for an applicant’s employment status to be guaranteed.

It is Ace Hardware’s policy to provide random drug tests to all of its employees, although this is not a usual practice. At times, Ace Hardware may request a drug test after an accident on the job or when suspicions of drug usage arise.

Within 24 hours of an accident at work, Ace Hardware conducts a drug test in order to see if drug usage was a part of the occurrence. Ace Hardware may also ask you to submit to a drug test in order to gain advancement, although this is contingent on the position for which you are seeking.

What Happens if a Drug Test at Ace Hardware Fails?

The repercussions of failing a drug test at Ace Hardware are grave. Failing a drug test as a pre-employment requirement will likely result in your application being halted entirely. If you fail a drug test while working at Ace Hardware, you will most likely be fired because the firm has a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior.

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Bottom Line

However, not all Ace Hardware locations need drug testing. Ace Hardware may perform drug testing as part of a pre-employment, promotion if there is a suspected usage, or within 24 hours of a workplace incident. Ace Hardware’s zero-tolerance policy means that if you fail a drug test, you are likely to be fired from your position.

David Krug