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Do You Have To Show Your Receipt At Walmart

By David Krug 3 minute read

Both in-store and online, customers have access to the enormous selection of low-cost goods offered by Walmart. However, if you shop at a Walmart store, you may be required to present your receipt before you leave.

Is it permissible for Walmart to look at your receipt? Everything you need to know is right here!

Can Walmart Check Your Receipt In 2022?

Before you leave Walmart, you have the option of refusing to hand over your receipt. Additionally, Walmart employees can hold you in the store if they suspect you of stealing because of “Shopkeeper’s Privilege” regulations.

How may a Walmart employee ask to see your receipt and what are your rights? Find out by reading on!

Can I be suspected of shoplifting if I have a Walmart receipt check done on me?

Customers’ receipts are checked by Walmart employees in an effort to catch and prevent shoplifters. Walmart also plans to examine each customer’s receipt before they leave the shop, according to a spokeswoman.

There is no guarantee that you will be accused of shoplifting if you are requested to provide your receipt. Walmart employees can only take further action if they have reasonable grounds to think that you have shoplifted, and receipt checks are completely optional. Costco, for example, requires you to present your receipt in order to become a member.

Can Walmart Scan My Receipt?

Walmart employees may also request that you scan your receipt from time to time. In most cases, this is only necessary when you exit the business by disabling the sensors at the entrance.

A Walmart employee asking to scan your receipt does not, in and of itself, imply that you are being investigated for theft. To make sure that an item wasn’t overlooked during checkout, it’s common for customers to ask this question.Walmart’s ultimate goal is to ensure that all goods have been paid for. However, not all Walmart locations will be able to scan your receipts.

What Happens If You Lose Your Receipt Before Leaving Walmart?

Don’t worry if you misplace your Walmart receipt before you leave the store! Proof of payment can be retrieved using a credit or debit card if you realize you’ve misplaced it. You may receive a digital copy of your receipt and display it to a Walmart associate instead by using Walmart’s online Receipt Lookup service! Entering the location and specifics of your transaction is all that is required.

Also, you may go back and speak to the person who served you and ask if they can verify that you paid for your goods.

Can Walmart Prevent You From Leaving The Store?

Walmart cannot take any more action against you if you refuse to show an associate your receipt. However, under Shopkeeper’s Privilege regulations, they can detain you in the store if they have a reasonable suspicion that you have shoplifted.

The definition of “reasonable suspicion” varies by state. Observations of product being taken, customer or worker statements, or security footage are usually sufficient to make this determination. As long as you don’t raise suspicion, your coworkers will have no reason to obstruct your exit or use physical restraint on you.

Why Does Walmart Check Receipts Now?

Walmart used to verify receipts less often than it does today. In 2015, the corporation lost $3 billion due to theft, which was a major factor in the decision. Walmart’s overall revenue was just one percent of it.

In addition, Walmart has recently introduced self-checkout equipment to its locations.
Using a self-checkout system, bagging a product from your shopping cart is a lot easier than going through the process of scanning it.

There are likely additional employees stationed at the exits to ensure that every consumer has a receipt matching the items in their shopping bags, as a result. Walmart’s Canadian shops were no exception to this rule.

Bottom Line

When you leave Walmart, they have the right to ask to see your receipt. In reality, theft is a major cause of income loss in many businesses. You are under no obligation to disclose your receipt, and Walmart employees are unable to take any more action if you decline to do so.

An exception is made if the employee has reasonable suspicion that you have shoplifted from the business. You may be held if they have a good basis to suspect you.

David Krug