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We all spend a lot of time these days doing two things browsing internet stores and researching discounts. Registering for RebatesMe is one method to do both of these things simultaneously. By using this portal to access your preferred online merchants, you can gain rebates on your purchases.

Retailers pay a referral fee to RebatesMe for sending customers their way when they shop through one of their partner sites. Finally, the corporation will divide the bonus with you. Besides being profitable, it also provides substantial cost savings across the board.

Obviously, there are other online purchasing portals that offer rebates besides just RebatesMe. If you shop on Rakuten or Swagbucks, for example, your experience may be different from mine.

The Best Things About RebatesMe

Signing up for RebatesMe is quick and simple, and it doesn’t cost anything. You can sign up with just your email address and a password, or you can use your Google or Facebook account. You can enjoy these privileges in just a few short minutes.

Web-based Cash-Back Reward Programs

The ability to receive rebates is RebatesMe’s main selling point. RebatesMe advertises a 40% cash-back guarantee, but in practice customers typically receive far less. The standard range of offers is 3-12%.

Visiting a store via the RebatesMe site is one way to accumulate points. Check online for your shop and then click through to it. Your earnings potential is confirmed via a pop-up window on the site. Next, continue your normal shopping routine.

A RebatesMe account is where your incentives will be stored. Withdrawing rewards requires a minimum balance of $10, after which you can request payment via PayPal, credit card, gift card, or even a paper check.

In order to give you an opportunity to test the waters before diving in, the first payment you get will not require you to reach the $10 minimum. Those with as low as $0.01 in their account balance can request a withdrawal. However, you’ll need at least $10 in rewards before you can pay out again.

Cash-Back Bonuses using the Browser Extension

It would be inconvenient to use the RebatesMe website for every purchase. There is a simpler solution, thankfully: Get a Cash Back Button browser add-on.

The Cash Back Button notifies you and provides a link whenever you visit a store that participates in the RebatesMe program. It only takes one click to start earning rebates on your purchases.

Chrome, Edge, and Safari all have Cash Back Button add-ons. There will be a Firefox version of the site soon, according to the current version.

Cash-Back Bonuses through a Mobile App

The mobile web browser is not the most practical shopping tool. Thankfully, you can also use the RebatesMe app on your iOS or Android device. Very similar to the popular RebatesMe shopping service, but optimized for use on mobile devices.

Travel Offers

The rebates you can get from using RebatesMe aren’t limited to retail purchases. Travel-related costs, such as airline, hotel, and car rentals, are also discounted on the shopping website. Websites like Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, and VRBO offer cash-back rates of 3 to 6 percent.

However, travel-related purchases don’t immediately accrue reward points. Within three months of returning from your trip, you will get a cash rebate.

The Coupon Codes

RebatesMe not only helps you earn cash back, but it also provides access to discount codes that can be used immediately to save you money. It’s important to note that for some stores, like Amazon and Target, coupons are the only way to save money online.

Sign-Up Bonus

A $30 sign-up incentive is available to new members of RebatesMe. This bonus is not immediately available, though. Within the first year after signing up, you must make purchases totaling at least $10 in order to receive the incentive.

The $10 reward minimum is met before you can redeem this signup bonus. In order to do so, you must accumulate a cashback total of $10. The $30 bonus, though, is yours to keep once you’ve cashed out.

Referral Bonus

When you invite your friends to join RebatesMe, you both benefit. If a friend of yours signs up through your exclusive referral link, you’ll both receive a $10 incentive.

This bonus doesn’t activate straight away as the sign-up bonus does. To begin, your friend has to earn $10 in rewards by making purchases within the first year of joining up. When your friend makes their first purchase using your referral link, RebatesMe will credit your account with the bonus.

There is a $10 minimum to withdraw, but that does not include referral bonuses. It’s not possible to join up many pals at once and then withdraw $10 each time. But when you’re ready to pay out, you may simply add the bonus amount to the total.

The advantages of RebatesMe

Using RebatesMe is a valid method to get money back from internet purchases. 

Some of its main advantages are:

  • Total of Retail Affiliates Over three thousand online retailers are compatible with RebatesMe. Many industries are represented among its business associates, including fashion, technology, medicine, sports, and vacation planning. These include well-known stores like Macy’s, Sephora, and Overstock.
  • Rates with a Cash Discount. The amount of cashback you can earn on RebatesMe depends on where you shop. They range from between 3% to 12%, however, some sites offer as much as 40%. A lot of other sites (though not all) can’t offer anything close to that.
  • Earnings Velocity. After a week, your rewards will be available in your RebatesMe account. When the balance hits $10, you can withdraw the funds at any time.
  • Possibilities for Financial Reward. When compared to similar services, RebatesMe provides additional ways to get compensated. Prepaid credit cards, gift cards, PayPal, and checks are all acceptable payment methods. While PayPal and credit card payments typically arrive within two business days, check payments can take up to 30 days.
  • Ratings. RebatesMe has been rated as great by 70% of its users, according to reviews on Trustpilot, where the site has been given an overall rating of 4.0 stars out of 5. The Better Business Bureau also gives the site an A+ rating (BBB). Consumer ratings there, however, are slightly lower than a 4-star average.

The Disadvantage of RebatesMe

With RebatesMe, you can earn large incentives, but doing so isn’t always simple. 

The following are examples of issues with the service:

  • Needs Specific to Technology. There are prerequisites for using RebatesMe. As a first step, ensure that your browser accepts cookies. When using the RebatesMe shopping gateway or the Cash Back Button, your shopping cart must be empty before you go on to a retail site. You can’t just pick up where you left off if you close the store’s website and reopen it. The whole procedure has to be started over again.
  • Transactions cannot be bundled together. No other discount code or offer can be used in conjunction with your RebatesMe rewards. In fact, if you have another shopping extension loaded, this one could not operate at all. If you want your incentives, RebatesMe suggests getting rid of them entirely.
  • Intermittent and Unreliable Functioning. The Cash Back Button isn’t always dependable, even if no other extensions are present. On certain shopping sites, you can find it, but on others, you can’t. You can only be sure of collecting your rebates if you start at the RebatesMe site and click through from there.
  • Concern over Spam. By signing up for RebatesMe, you consent to receive promotional mail and emails from RebatesMe and its business partners. Contacting [email protected] will allow you to opt-out of having your email and postal address distributed.
  • A Monthly Charge For Upkeep. After a year passes in which you receive no rebates, RebatesMe will begin charging you a $1.99 monthly maintenance fee. This will keep happening until you either earn enough rebates to reactivate your account or your incentives have all been used up.
  • Compatibility. Unfortunately, the RebatesMe Cash Back Button is not compatible with the Firefox web browser. You can get cash back by using the RebatesMe app or by clicking over from the RebatesMe website.

The Performance of RebatesMe

There are some ways in which RebatesMe excels over the competition and other ways in which it falls short. 

Let’s look at how RebatesMe stacks up against Rakuten, another popular cash-back website:

Number of Retail PartnersMore than 4,000More than 3,500
Typical Cash Back Rate3% to 12%1% to 6%
Payment OptionsPrepaid credit card, gift card, PayPal, or checkCheck or PayPal
Payment TimesAfter the balance reaches $10Every 3 months
Sign-up Bonus$30 after earning $10$10 after spending $25
Referral Bonus$10$30 for you, $30 for a friend
Inactive Account Fee$1.99 per month$2 per month 
Browser ExtensionChrome, Edge, or SafariChrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
Additional FeaturesCoupon codesCoupon codes, in-store cash back
BBB RatingA+B

Bottom Line

When compared to other online retailers, including Rakuten, the money-saving benefits of using RebatesMe are clear. Yet it lacks the adaptability of other options. There are limitations in terms of supported browsers and retail partners. Furthermore, it cannot help you save money while shopping locally.

Additionally, using RebatesMe can be a hassle due to its idiosyncrasies. If you want to obtain your rebates, you must follow the guidelines in the letter. Inconsistent results from the Cash Back Button. 

Additionally, you may experience issues with RebatesMe if you try to use it in conjunction with other cash-back browser extensions in an effort to find the greatest possible cash-back deal.

If you’re looking for the browser extension that will earn you the most cash back while shopping online, then RebatesMe is a good option, provided you’re okay with its restrictions. Honey and Capital One Shopping are two examples of such apps, but if you’re looking to maximize your savings, there are others to consider.

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