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Can You Use More Than One Coupon At Mcdonalds

By David Krug 4 minute read

A lot of people, even though McDonald’s isn’t the most expensive fast food restaurant in town, are always on the lookout for coupons to save money.

When discussing McDonald’s, one common question is whether or not the chain accepts coupons. To learn more about McDonald’s coupon policy, please continue reading below.

In 2022, will McDonald’s take coupons?

Both paper and digital coupons are accepted by McDonald’s, with many coupons found in their McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app. In addition, the manager has the discretion to accept competitor coupons at some McDonald’s locations. McDonald’s does, however, restrict the use of coupons to one coupon per customer per visit.

If you still have questions about McDonald’s coupons, continue reading to get the answers you seek!

Is it possible to use two coupons at McDonald’s at once?

McDonald’s has a standard policy that prohibits customers from using more than one coupon at a time.

If you have both a paper coupon and a digital coupon, you can only use one per visit at McDonald’s, which means you can only use one per person.

Is it possible to use a competitor’s coupon at McDonald’s?

It is up to the individual franchisee whether or not to accept coupons from competitors. McDonald’s does not have a corporate policy on this.

Even though many McDonald’s locations accept competitor coupons, it’s best to call ahead and inquire about your local store’s policy before you try to redeem one.

In order to make the process easier, it is preferable to use coupons for items McDonald’s sells, such as coupons for milkshakes or free cheeseburgers.

Can I use expired coupons at McDonald’s?

When a coupon expires, McDonald’s doesn’t appear to accept it, and if it was a coupon from the McDonald’s app, the coupon will be removed from the app.

It’s possible that an employee may still accept your paper coupon, especially if it’s still accepted at the register.

Is McDonald’s a Participant in Printable Coupon Programs?

Printable McDonald’s coupons are accepted at all McDonald’s locations, but you must ensure that the barcode is legible and complete before trying to use the coupon.

In addition, to ensure that your coupon barcode is read correctly, make sure that your printer is set to the highest quality print settings.

To find McDonald’s app coupons, how do you do it?

In order to see local deals and offers on the McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app, you will need to select a location.

The coupons for McDonald’s, including your free sandwich coupon if you’re new to the app, should be in a section called “Your Offers,” which you can find in the menu bar.

After the coupon has been redeemed or expired, it will no longer be displayed.

New deals are constantly being added to the app so that you have a wider selection of coupons to use at your local McDonald’s.

If you have an app coupon, can you use it to order and pay for food from McDonald’s?

The Mobile Order & Pay app has a lot of coupons, but not all of them can be used if you’re making a mobile order.

The “Add deal to mobile order” option will appear on the coupon to let you know if it’s redeemable for mobile orders.

When you’re finished customizing your order, simply click “Add Order to Bag” to add it to your mobile cart. Then, when you’re ready to check out, you can.

In the drive-thru, can you use the McDonald’s app coupons?

You don’t even have to hand your phone to the cashier when you use McDonald’s app coupons in the drive-thru.

Just click “Redeem Offer” and then a QR Code will appear on the screen, which you can show your cashier so that a discount is automatically applied when you check out.

Do you know how to get free McDonald’s coupons?

The McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app is the best way to get freebies at McDonald’s.

Coupons for free sandwiches, drinks, sweets and more are almost always available in this app because it is constantly offering these deals.

As a result, some coupon websites may also have printable McDonald’s coupons for free items that you can use at your local McDonald’s, or a code you can enter online.

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Bottom Line

The chain accepts coupons in-store, via drive-thru, and online, and frequently accepts competitor coupons for similar products or deals.

Additionally, all of McDonald’s coupons, many of which are for free sandwiches and beverages, can be found in the Mobile Order & Pay app.

There are some coupons that can’t be used for mobile orders, but those that can will show up with the option to customize and add to your mobile cart when you use the mobile app.

Even more coupons can be obtained by visiting coupon websites and printing out printable coupons that you can present to your local McDonald’s.