Can You Tip Target Drive Up

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Target is a terrific spot to purchase all your necessities because of the store’s large number of locations and the wide range of discounts it offers to regular customers.

Target’s Drive Up service and rules may raise some questions in light of the recent popularity of contactless buying and curbside pickup.

Do you, for example, leave a tip at Target Drive Up? Everything I could find out about the subject is on this list.

In 2022, Do You Anticipate Target Sales to rise?

Customers may tip the staff who packs their items into their vehicle as part of Target’s convenient pickup service, which assures frictionless purchasing.

Generally, a gratuity of at least $5 is recommended for this service, although Target’s tipping policy is not clear. Because Target does not use commission or tip splitting, the staff will keep your gratuity.

Keep reading to learn more about Target’s Drive Up service, how to utilize it, and what a fair tip amount would be!

Should You Compensate Target Drive Up Employees?

When it comes to tipping, while Target does not have a formal policy on the matter, most in-store personnel refuse to accept additional money from consumers as a precautionary measure.

Customers can ask the employee to take a gratuity for their service at Target’s Drive-Up location, which has a non-specific tip policy.

Since the Drive Up service at Target necessitates an extra step on the part of Target staff to enable car-loading, a tip for your shopping assistant is always appreciated. On days when there are many curbside orders, this is especially important.

How Much Should You Tip Your Driver?

It’s not always clear when and how much to tip. As a general rule of thumb, delivery or curb service gratuities are calculated according to the size of your order. In most cases, you should leave a 10% to 20% gratuity, or at least $5, on your bill.

If, on the other hand, your order was particularly difficult to transport due to its weight or bulk, you may want to consider tipping the delivery person extra.

How much do Target Drive-Up employees receive in tips?

Retail policy at Target does not contain provisions for client tips such as commission or a share of the total amount received.

As a result, if you want to tip the person who helped you with your Drive-Up order, they will retain the full amount. Tipping your shopping helper with cash is preferred since it is more convenient.

What is the Target Drive Up strategy?

In order to facilitate contactless shopping, Target Drive Up is a pickup and loading service that is available at the curbside.

Your Target order will be put into your car at the curb by an employee who will bring it out of the store and pack it for you.

As soon as the Target employee has carefully packed up your order’s contents, you may drive away and avoid having to visit the shop or pay shipping costs.

How Can I Use Target Drive Up?

On-demand, same-day order pickup is available through Target’s Drive Up service, which is simple to use.

Customers may pick Drive Up as their preferred free delivery option when placing their order on or via the Target smartphone app.

Typically, your products will be ready for pick up within two hours, but the location’s bustle may modify that timeline. Whenever it’s ready to go, you’ll get an email.

Target Drive Up: Is There A Cost?

It’s completely free. Target’s Drive Up service has no additional expenses for customers. This curbside order collection service does not charge for shipping, unlike ordering on or the Target smartphone app. The only thing you’ll have to pay for is the actual order.

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Bottom Line

Target Drive-Up staff that perform this service are expected to be tipped by the consumer. Drive-Up personnel isn’t required to tip at Target, but they have the option to decline.

As a general rule, a 10% to 20% cash gratuity is appropriate, or more if your order was difficult to bring out and store.

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