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KALLAX shelves are a popular choice among IKEA consumers because of their basic designs, ability to fit into compact spaces, and ease with which they can be customized.

So, if you’re considering an IKEA KALLAX shelf to elevate your home’s decor, here are 11 things to consider before and after you buy one!

In 2022, expect IKEA KALLAX shelves.

This series of cube storage units from IKEA’s KALLAX collection is available as of 2022 in a variety of sizes and colors. Adding additional drawers, dividers, or shelving to any KALLAX unit is a cinch with the range’s modular design. ‘Hackers’ love it because of its adaptability.

Check out this article if you want to understand more about KALLAX units, their quality, and the normal size for one of these units!

Can You Trust the IKEA KALLAX?

The shelving units from IKEA KALLAX have consistently received high marks for their sturdiness and dependability from customers.

IKEA furniture is known for being durable and long-lasting, and these pieces are no exception.

KALLAX units are also popular among IKEA ‘hackers’ who use them to create new styles and put them to new applications.

Dimensions of IKEA KALLAX Shelves

Standard KALLAX shelves from IKEA are listed below, along with measurements for each of the many models:

  • 4 cubes can be stacked vertically on this KALLAX shelf unit, which measures 16 1/2″ x 57 7/8″.
  • 4 stacked 22 KALLAX cubes, 30 3/8″ x 30 3/8″
  • 30 3/8 x 57 7/8″ KALLAX Shelf Unit: 8 cubes, 24
  • 9-Cube KALLAX Shelf Unit, 44 1/8″ X 44 1/8″
  • Twelve 43 cubes can be stacked on this 44 1/8″ x 56 7/8″ shelf unit from KALLAX.
  • It holds sixteen 44 cubes and measures 57 7/8″ wide by 57 7/8″ high.
  • Shelf Unit, 71 5/8″ by 71 5/8″: Five-by-five cubes can be stacked on top of each other.

Is It Possible to Add Additional Shelves to a KALLAX System?

The IKEA KALLAX shelf unit has a variety of options to add shelves.

With two identical units or a 14 unit, you can construct additional shelving space, for example, in the form of an additional column of shelves.

Alternatively, you can purchase IKEA’s KALLAX shelf adaptations to add more shelves to your existing shelf.

There are a variety of shelf dividers to choose from, such as glass shelf dividers and bottle shelf dividers.

Is It Simple To Assemble The IKEA KALLAX Shelves?

The KALLAX shelving units come with step-by-step instructions on how to build the units, just like all IKEA furniture.

KALLAX assembly lessons are available on YouTube for those who choose to build the unit themselves and get stuck.

You may also use IKEA’s TaskRabbit service to hire a builder if you’d rather not do it yourself.

Can IKEA KALLAX Shelves Be Modified?

Premade shelves with drawers and cupboard doors are also available, as are a number of accessories for KALLAX shelves.

Glass storage dividers, drawers of various materials, and cupboard inserts are among the other KALLAX series products.

In addition to IKEA’s offerings, KALLAX shelves are popular among IKEA ‘hack’ bloggers because of the virtually limitless ways in which they may be customized and modified to meet your specific needs.

You may look up IKEA KALLAX hacks on the internet to learn how to add wicker baskets, decals, fabrics, and even lighting to your unit to make it your own.

Is It Possible to Hang KALLAX Shelves?

It is stated on the Ikea KALLAX series page and in numerous YouTube videos that KALLAX shelves can be attached to the wall.

Even though the KALLAX series comes with pieces to allow the unit to be safely attached to the wall you will require additional supplies to install it properly. Note.

Many internet DIY experts have hung these shelving units from the walls, despite IKEA’s instructions not recommending it.

IKEA KALLAX Units: Can You Sit On Them?

The KALLAX shelves from IKEA have been turned into benches and beds.

This indicates that the units are robust enough to support a person’s weight when they are seated.

Are IKEA KALLAX Shelves Drill-Friendly?

IKEA KALLAX shelves can be secured to the wall or other units with additional screws if desired.

Make sure that the size of your drill is compatible with the size of your screw before proceeding.

Does Stacking Ikea KALLAX Shelves Safe?

Stacking IKEA KALLAX shelves is safe, although users advise anchoring the pieces to the wall because they are hefty.

As a result, your KALLAX units will last longer and break down less frequently if this is done.

Ikea Kallax Shelves: What’s the Max Weight?

Customer feedback indicates that IKEA’s shelf cubes can hold about 29 pounds each (13kg).

Add more weight by purchasing additional units and stacking them one on top of the other

Do the IKEA KALLAX Shelves Sag?

Putting too much weight on an IKEA KALLAX shelf might cause it to sag over time.

This can be avoided by distributing the weight evenly across the shelves and providing additional shelf support.

For more information on IKEA, check out our posts on where IKEA furniture is made, the LACK table, and the lifespan of IKEA furniture.

Bottom Line

IKEA’s KALLAX shelving units come in a variety of styles and colors. They’re regarded as high-quality and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

The shelves can be used in a variety of ways around your house and can be simply altered. The units can be stacked and more shelves can be added if you require more storage space.

Each KALLAX cube can hold up to 29 pounds and may be affixed to a wall for added security.

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