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Can You Return Video Games To Best Buy

By David Krug 5 minute read

With a vast selection of games for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC, Best Buy is a well-known shopping destination in the United States.

But what if you bought the wrong video game at Best Buy by accident? Is it possible to get a refund or a replacement? The video game return policy at Best Buy has been thoroughly researched by me!

In 2022, Best Buy will have a return policy for video games.

In 2022, buyers can return video games (such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC) within 15 days for Standard, 30-days for Elite, and 45 for Elite Plus members of Best Buy to exchange or refund them. Customers can request a complete refund if the video game is unopened, or an exchange if the game is opened.

For additional information on whether you may return used video games to Best Buy, whether you can return video games without a receipt, and much more, please continue reading! ‘

What Is Best Buy’s Return Policy for Video Games?

Depending on your membership status, Best Buy accepts video game returns within the specified time following purchase or delivery.

Standard members have a 15-day return policy, Elite members have a 30-day return policy, and Elite Plus members have a 45-day return policy.

As a last step, you must check that the video game is in its original packaging, in “new-like condition,” and with a valid receipt.

Whether or not you can return a video game that has been opened is up to you.

Opened physical copies of video games can be returned to Best Buy.

But if you need a replacement, Best Buy exclusively exchanges video games for the same item.

You can only swap one identical Best Buy video game, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Red Dead Redemption 2, Ice Age, or Scrat’s Nutty Adventure.

You must also provide proof of purchase, such as a receipt, with your video games if you want them to be eligible for a refund.

If a video game is defective, can I return it if I purchased it with a console?

Best Buy accepts defective video games, even if you bought them as a console add-on.

The Ratchet Clank video game, for example, can be returned within the specified period for your return to be approved when purchased along with a Play Station 5 machine.

Without a receipt, can I return a video game to Best Buy?

In order to return a video game to Best Buy without a receipt, it is necessary to provide a packaging slip, a credit card, or a valid ID photo as evidence of purchase.

Depending on your membership level at Best Buy, you must also return the video game within the specified time period.

The main thing to keep in mind when you’re returning a video game for a replacement is that you’ll only get an identical video game in return.

Additionally, you will only be eligible for a replacement for an identical video game that is compatible with your Play Station 4/5, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch console if you purchased the game with a console.

Best Buy accepts returns of both new and used video games.

Using the Best Buy Trade-In Program, you may bring in a used video game and get money back. Because not all video games are eligible for the program, it is not available in all places. Keep visiting the Best Buy Trade-In Program website for the most up-to-date information on whether you can return a used Pac-Man, Roblox, or Fortnite to your local Best Buy.

Returning A Video Game Bought On BestBuy To A Store Is Possible.

Returning video games purchased at can be done at any physical Best Buy location.

If you still have the packing slip used to deliver the merchandise, bring it with you to expedite the procedure. Alternatively, you can bring the receipt for the video game, your credit card, or a photo ID with you to the event.

Using your receipt, Best Buy will validate your transaction and issue you a refund.

Is it possible to return a video game to Best Buy if the original packaging was not included?

At Best Buy, you can return a video game without its original packing and accessories, if any.

Best Buy, however, will take a little amount from your refund because of the missing item.

Can I get a refund if I return a video game to Best Buy?

Returning a video game to Best Buy will result in a refund, but Best Buy reserves the right to request an email address, limit the reimbursement, or deny it completely if you don’t have evidence of purchase.

If you return an item to Best Buy without evidence of purchase, you will not be refunded the sales tax or any other penalties.

Refunds will be made using the same mode of payment as was used to make the original purchase.

Is it possible to return a video game to Best Buy by mail?

As long as the purchase and return take place in the United States, Best Buy will accept mail-in returns for online video game purchases.

Pack your video game in the original packaging if feasible, attach the packing slip, return label, and other accessories, then mail it to the Best Buy Returns Center for an online return.

If you don’t have a return label from Best Buy, you can print one here to send back any video game, such as MotoGP20 or Tormented Souls.

How Do I Returned A Gifted Video Game To Best Buy? ‘

It is possible to swap a gift-wrapped video game for an identical one at Best Buy, but there is no option for store credit or refund.

If you send back a gift video game to Best Buy, the retailer will issue a store credit and notify the original purchaser through email.

For further information, you may want to check out Target’s and Walmart’s policies on video game returns.

Bottom Line

For each membership category, Best Buy will assist consumers in returning or replacing video games, regardless of whether they have been opened or used. Elite members have 45 days to return items, while Elite Plus members have an additional 30 days.

If you don’t have your original receipt, you’ll need to provide evidence of purchase in the form of a packing slip or a credit or debit card together with photo identification.