Can You Return Prescriptions To Walgreens

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Prescriptions are regularly filled at Walgreens by tens of millions of Americans. However, if you’re experiencing side effects or no longer use the medication, you may need to return it to the pharmacy.

What is Walgreen’s return policy for prescriptions? I’ve gathered all the information I’ve come across!

Return Policy for Walgreens Prescriptions in 2022

Walgreens does not return prescriptions bought in-store or online because of legal constraints, except if you were sold the incorrect prescription. In the case of OTC medicines, you can return them within 30 days if they have not been opened. OTC medications that require authorization before a purchase cannot be returned.

If you want to learn more about returning prescriptions bought from a store versus ordered online, the reason Walgreens does not return these, and much more, keep on reading!

What Happens If You Don’t Like Your Prescription?

Prescriptions picked up from a Walgreens store cannot be returned to Walgreens.

Walgreens has an official policy under which it allows products to be returned within 30 days of purchase, but this policy does not apply to prescriptions.

The only exception is if Walgreens made an error in filling your prescription. In this case, you should contact the store (find the contact number using the Walgreens store locator) and describe the issue in detail for Walgreens to take action and resolve the error.

Can You Return Shipped Prescriptions?

Because these prescriptions cannot be resold or reused, Walgreens does not accept returned prescriptions.

Walgreens Customer Service can be contacted at 1-877-250-5823 if you believe that your prescription has been filled incorrectly or that you have received the wrong order (toll-free).

You should explain the problem in detail and ask for a return call during the phone call. Requesting special authorization to return a prescription in these cases is required by Walgreens.

Walgreens: Why Is It So Difficult To Return A Prescription?

There are no returns on prescription medications under Walgreens’ official return policy for pharmacy products and prescriptions.

The law prohibits the return of prescriptions for a variety of reasons, including counterfeiting. Some people have been caught faking prescription drugs and then returning them to get their money back.

As a result, the integrity of a drug cannot be guaranteed once it has left the pharmacist’s hands, and this can lead to problems if returned medicine is redistributed.

Do Walgreens Accept Returns of Over the Counter Medicine?

Yes, Walgreens accepts returns of OTC medications within 30 days if they are returned to them within that time frame. Walgreens is not bound by law to prevent the reuse or resale of these items because they are not sold as part of prescriptions.

Only OTC medications (like pseudoephedrine) that require a state-issued ID (such as a driver’s license) to purchase are an exception to this rule.

Is Walgreens a Good Place to Return Sexual Wellness Products?

No, Walgreens does not accept returns of sexual wellness products. These are considered to be final purchases.

Is Walgreens Able To Accept Opened OTC Medications?

Once an OTC medication has been opened, it cannot be returned. These are not accepted at any Walgreens location.

What Do You Do When You Have Unwanted Medicine That You Can’t Return?

The medication cannot be returned to Walgreens or another pharmacy, so you should think about how to properly and safely dispose of it. For one thing, it’s easy for people to misuse and abuse medications that have been left unattended, which can result in serious health problems for those who use them.

At most of Walgreens’ stores, “safe medication disposal kiosks” are available for customers to dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired medications.

Without charging a fee, kiosks accept prescriptions (including those for controlled substances) and over-the-counter medications. You can find out if your local Walgreens has a safe medication disposal kiosk by contacting them.

The following articles will tell you more about how early Walgreen’s will fill a prescription, how long it will be kept, and whether or not Walgreen’ll deliver prescriptions.

Bottom Line

There is no official return policy for prescription medications at any of Walgreens’ stores or online, except in the event of an error in filling your prescription. Returned unopened OTC medications can be exchanged for a refund within 30 days of purchase. No returns will be accepted for OTCs that require authorization for purchase.

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