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Can You Return Makeup To Walmart

By David Krug 3 minute read

Walmart’s beauty area is no exception, with a wide variety of goods to choose from. Does Walmart accept returns of cosmetics, if so, and if so, in what condition may they accept them? I’ve compiled all the information you need after conducting my own research!

Walmart Makeup Return Policy 2022

As of 2022, Walmart will accept returns on a wide range of cosmetics such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, mascara, blush, and other goods within 90 days after purchase. Walmart offers a complete cash return on any new, unopened cosmetics. In order to receive an exchange or store credit for cosmetics that has been opened and used, customers must have a receipt.

What cosmetics are not eligible for a refund if they have been opened? To learn more, continue reading!

Returning Used Cosmetics To Walmart

If you initiate the return procedure within 90 days of receiving your item, you may return most opened or used cosmetics to Walmart. To return an item to a Walmart store, either bring it in or make a free online return on the retailer’s site.

The item must be returned with all of its original parts and components. All unsealed cosmetics must be returned in its original packing even if the product was unboxed and used.

What Makeup Cannot Be Returned To Walmart?

All cosmetics may be returned to Walmart, but certain items must fulfill more stringent requirements before they can be exchanged or refunded. Products with the ORM-D label, for example, must be returned in their original packaging, unopened. Perfumes, sprays, and nail paint are all examples of this.

ORM-D goods are deemed to contain dangerous materials, hence this is the reason. Despite the new, more stringent rules, you may still return products marked ORM-D for a full 90 days after purchase.

Some Walmart items, such as airbeds, laptops, and other technology, must be returned within a shorter period of time.

Will I Receive My Makeup Refund From Walmart?

With the receipt in hand, you may get a full refund when returning cosmetics to Walmart’s in-store counters by simply choosing to do it there. In the event you do not have that card with you, your refund will be deposited on a Walmart gift card. ‘

You’ll get a cash refund if you purchased the cosmetic goods with cash. Refunds for Walmart gift cards can either be applied to the original gift card or given to you in a new one.

Ways to Makeup On The Walmart Website

You have 90 days from the day you got your things to begin the refund procedure for cosmetics purchased on Walmart’s website. However, in some cases, you may still be allowed to return products to Walmart beyond the 90-day grace period.

To return an item, all you need to do is go into your Walmart account and locate the product in your transaction history. When you’ve found the right item, click “start a return” and follow the on-screen instructions. A free return shipping label will be sent to you.

Refunds can either be made back to the original method of payment or an exchange can be made. If the product is no longer in stock, you will not be allowed to swap it, regardless of whether you return it in-store or online.

Can I Return Makeup At Walmart Without A Receipt?

Even if you lose your receipt, you may return cosmetics in a Walmart shop. A valid government-issued picture ID is required, and Walmart will retain this information in its secure return activity database.

Finally, you’ll have the choice of exchanging the cosmetics or receiving a refund, which might be in cash or on a store credit card. Additionally, Walmart is allowed to give you a cash refund instead of a store credit if the cosmetic item is less than $25 in value. It’s up to the manager’s choice whether or not this is the case at a particular shop.

Bottom Line

In the event that a customer is dissatisfied with the cosmetics they purchased from, they can return it for a refund or an exchange. Even if the product has been opened or used, it must be returned within 90 days in its original box and accessories.

Perfumes, aerosols, and nail paint are the only beauty goods that cannot be returned once they have been opened.