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Can You Return Fabric To Hobby Lobby

By David Krug 4 minute read

You may make your own clothes and home décor with the help of the wide variety of arts and crafts products available at Hobby Lobby, including textiles.

Please check out this page if you just purchased fabric from the firm and are unsure about the return policy for this type of merchandise.

Hobby Lobby Fabric Return Policy 2022

In 2022, you should be able to return fabric to a Hobby Lobby shop within 90 days of purchase under the company’s return policy. When returning an item, you should have the original receipt with you to expedite the process. After using or opening the original packaging of the fabric, you cannot return it.

Find out more about returning fabric to Hobby Lobby, including when you can’t, if you can take back cut fabric, and more by reading this article.

What is Hobby Lobby’s Return Policy for Cut Fabric?

The return policy of Hobby Lobby does not particularly address fabric, but based on the information provided about the company’s products in general, it normally does not accept worn items..

Because of this, returning cut fabric to Hobby Lobby would be difficult. Depending on the person in control at the moment, your return may be approved or rejected. You may have some luck in your case.

You should provide the original receipt you received at the time of purchase to expedite the process.

Because you don’t have to return the item to the shop where you purchased it, you can check around for the location with the least stringent management in your region and see if you can get a better deal there.

However, if you purchased the item online, returning the fabric to Hobby Lobby will be very hard. You must return the item to your local shop within 90 days of purchasing it in order for it to be accepted for a refund.

If the item has been used or the packaging has been opened, Hobby Lobby will not accept a return under the company’s policy on online purchases.

It doesn’t matter why you want it back; the fact that you cut it reduces your odds of succeeding to virtually nothing.

Does Hobby Lobby Accept Unused Fabric?

If you buy fabric from a company like Hobby Lobby, you may return it for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Even while you don’t need to bring your original receipt if you purchased the item at one of our physical shops, having it on hand will make the return process more efficient. If the fabric you bought hasn’t been cut or altered since you bought it, it will be much easier to work with.

Even if the fabric is in perfect condition, Hobby Lobby will not accept returns beyond 90 days, even if you have a receipt.

However, if you purchased it online, you’ll need the invoice that was given at the time of purchase. The invoice, unlike the receipt, can be replaced if you lose the original. To get a new one, all you have to do is get in touch with customer support.

Is it possible to return fabric to any Hobby Lobby store?

No matter where you got your fabric, you can return it to any local Hobby Lobby for a refund.
This implies that you don’t need to return the cloth to the store where you bought it. However, if you’re taking it to another store, you’ll need proof that you purchased it from a Hobby Lobby.

Customers who use credit or debit cards to pay for their purchases will have their information checked to make sure that it was purchased from the business and that 90 days haven’t elapsed since the transaction.

If you paid with cash and lost the receipt, it will be more difficult to verify where you purchased the item, so you should be careful. Even if you bought fabric online, you may still return it to a Hobby Lobby shop as long as you haven’t opened or used it.

It’s easy to prove your purchase because you always have the invoice with you. It is also much easier for the corporation to verify vital facts because internet purchases are made entirely electronically.

To return an item, you must do it in accordance with the regular procedure and within 90 days of the purchase date. To return fabric purchased online that was part of an order totaling more than $250, the firm deems this a bulk buy and does not allow this technique.

These purchases require a return form, which must be filled out and shipped returned to Hobby Lobby, which is located at:

  • Hobby Lobby. Attention: Returns, 7600 A SW 44th St Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Shipping costs will also be your responsibility if you choose this option.

Bottom Line

If 90 days have elapsed since your purchase, you can return fabric to any Hobby Lobby location.

If you paid in cash, you’ll need a receipt to prove your identity to the store clerk. Online purchases can be returned to a store if they weren’t part of a larger order totaling more than $250.