Can You Return Clearance Items To Kohls

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Clearance sales are a great opportunity for shoppers to save money on a wide range of products, but retailers who hold these discounts typically limit customers from returning the things they buy during the sales.

If you bought something from Kohl’s during a clearance sale, you might question if you can return it for a refund. To the best of my knowledge, Kohl’s clearance return policy is as follows:

Kohl’s Clearance Return Policy In 2022

As of 2022, Kohl’s will enable customers to return clearance products within 180 days of purchase. Customers don’t need a receipt to return an item since Kohl’s will give them shop credit instead of a cash refund. In addition, Kohl’s will repay you based on the item’s lowest 13-week sale price.

For additional information on whether you may exchange clearance products at Kohl’s, if you can obtain a reimbursement for returns without a receipt, and much more, please continue reading!

Can You Exchange Kohl’s Clearance Items?

Clearance products purchased at Kohl’s can be exchanged for another item if returned to the shop within 180 days of purchase.

Additional proof of purchase is required, such as a receipt or any other manner of tracking down the item’s purchase date. Although Kohl’s does allow customers to exchange items if they can present evidence of purchase, they will only do so if the client is unable to provide such proof.

Can You Return Clearance Items To Kohls for Kohl’s Cash?

Customers who purchased clearance items with Kohl’s Cash will be reimbursed in Kohl’s Cash as long as the Kohl’s Cash is still valid. The ten-day grace period and the whole month in which Kohl’s Cash is granted must be observed while using Kohl’s Cash.

After the deal has finished, customers can return Kohl’s Cash-purchased clearance products and receive a refund in ordinary cash, on their credit/debit card, or in store credit.

What If You Don’t Have A Receipt to Return to Kohl’s Clearance? As long as the return is done within 180 days after the initial purchase, Kohl’s will accept returns without a receipt.

This is when Kohl’s will credit your account for the lowest-priced clearance goods over the previous 13 weeks.

Since Kohl’s associates can readily trace clearance purchases when consumers present them with their receipts or pay with a credit card, it is suggested that customers do both when making purchases on sale.

Is a credit card required to return anything from Kohl’s clearance section?

Clearance products at Kohl’s do not require a debit or credit card purchase. However, Kohl’s recommends that consumers do so in order for the store to be able to access their purchase history when they return an item.

In the event that a Kohl’s consumer returns an item without a credit/debit card or receipt, they may not get the full refund on store credit.

Will Kohl’s Grant An Even Exchange For All Clearance Items?

As long as the consumer provides a receipt or proof of purchase, Kohl’s will accept an equal exchange if the customer returns their clearance products to the same Kohl’s location.

But not all Kohl’s locations will utilize the same prices for clearance products, since the districts in each store determine their own prices based on previous sales.

Returning your clearance item to a different Kohl’s store may not result in an equal exchange because the pricing is likely to be different. A return and subsequent repurchase are your only options.

Can You Return Clearance Items To Kohl’s Through The Mail?

If an item is in a clearance sale, Kohl’s considers it to be a normal item in the shop and permits postal returns of it.

Customer care at Kohl’s says that returns must be sent back within 180 days of the original purchase date. Please be aware that Kohl’s does not accept mail-in returns for its clearance premium electronics.

Bottom Line

Clothing, shoes, and other products purchased on sale at Kohl’s may be returned or exchanged for a refund or credit within 180 days of purchase when accompanied by evidence of purchase.

Only store credit equivalent to the lowest selling price of an item in the recent 13 weeks will be given to customers who do not have a receipt or who did not purchase the item using a credit/debit card.

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