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Can You Return Chewy Items To Petsmart

By David Krug 6 minute read

One of the most well-known pet supply stores in the country is PetSmart. It has a wide selection of pet products and live animals including cats and dogs as well as cages and aquariums.

For those who are not happy with a pet or pet product purchased from PetSmart but wish to return it, there are a few options available. If you’re worried about PetSmart’s return policy, don’t be.

In 2022, PetSmart’s Return Policy

Until the year 2022, PetSmart will accept returns for products in excellent condition, excluding the cost of shipping. Products purchased online or at a brick-and-mortar store normally have 60 days to be returned with proof of purchase. Please keep in mind that live pets cannot be returned after 14 days.

To find out if and how to return things to PetSmart, as well as if you may do so without the original packaging or a receipt, continue reading.

What Is PetSmart’s Live Animal Return Policy?

Within 14 days of your purchase, you can return any live animals you bought from PetSmart, such as hamsters, iguanas, or snakes, to PetSmart. It is necessary to bring the animal and any additional papers or information obtained at the time of purchase to PetSmart in order to be eligible for a return.

If your pet died after you purchased it from PetSmart, you can return it with proof of death for a refund. In addition, you must return your pet to the PetSmart shop where you purchased it, along with a valid state-issued picture ID.

What Is PetSmart’s Fish Return Policy?

PetSmart will allow you 14 days to return fish to its stores if you return them with the receipt and a valid government-issued picture ID, much like with live animals. PetSmart needs a water sample and the deceased fish in order to process a refund for your purchase.

Is It Possible To Return An Item At PetSmart Without The Box?

According to PetSmart, products must be returned in their original packaging in order to be eligible for a refund. As a result, if you don’t bring the box to PetSmart, you run the risk of having your return disallowed.

The PetSmart manager has the authority to accept returns without the box if they believe the customer is qualified and has a solid cause to be awarded a return.

Can I Return Items That Have Been Opened To PetSmart?

In order to return an item that has been opened, it must be in its original packaging. PetSmart, for example, will allow you to switch dog food for a different brand if you bought it, opened it, and then decided to return it.

For opened products, PetSmart only offers 14 days to return them compared with the 60-day return window that is standard for unopened items.

Can I Return An Item Or Animal To PetSmart Without A Receipt?

To return items for a monetary value, you’ll need a receipt from PetSmart. A valid form of government-issued picture ID will be required if you don’t have your receipt and you want to return an item at PetSmart.

PetSmart will offer you a merchandise return card that can only be used at PetSmart after validating your identity. Even if you don’t have a receipt, you’ll get your money back in the original payment method, such as cash or credit card, if you choose to swap.

Is it Possible for PetSmart to Look Up My Receipt?

PetSmart Treats Rewards allows you to keep track of your recent orders so that you may return products without a receipt if necessary. Using the PetSmart Treats Rewards program, you’ll be able to access your full PetSmart rewards system, including your prior purchases.

Is It Possible To Return Chewy Item To PetSmart?

As of 2022, PetSmart does not accept refunds for Chewy products. While Petsmart used to own Chewy, the two companies now operate independently and often sell distinct items.

Can I return items that have been damaged to PetSmart?

You can return or replace a defective item purchased from PetSmart either in-store or online. PetSmart’s Customer Care System may be reached at 1-888-839-9638, or you can return the item to your local shop.

However, keep in mind that you have 30 days after delivery or 60 days after in-store purchase to return your item to PetSmart if it is broken or faulty.

What Are The Return Policies At PetSmart?

Some PetSmart items, even if they’re brand new and unopened, cannot be returned, even if you have a receipt. These include:

  • Electronic products such as training items, collars, and fencing
  • Grooming tools
  • Non-prescription medication or vitamins for pets
  • Filters or pumps

How Do I Return A Purchase To A PetSmart Store?

Bring the item, the receipt, and your payment method to the checkout counter to get a refund or an exchange for your PetSmart purchases. The store where you purchased the live animals or fish is the only location where you may exchange or return them.

How Do I Return Purchases Online at PetSmart?

There are a number of ways you can return an item you purchased from if you want a refund or an exchange.

Returning To The Store

You can get a refund or an exchange at your local PetSmart store if you bought an order online. You may use PetSmart’s online store finder or call them at (888) 839-9638 to inquire about a location near you.

Please keep in mind that in lieu of a receipt, the item must be returned in its original packaging with the packing slip or shipment confirmation. If you want a refund, you will need the credit card that you used to make the payment, since the refund is credited to that card.

A product return card will be issued if you do not have the credit or debit card used to make the PetSmart online purchase, or if you paid using an online method like PayPal.

PetSmart’s merchandise return card cannot be redeemed for cash and is only good for purchases at that particular PetSmart store.

Return Through the Mail

However, if you want to return your PetSmart online purchases through the mail, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs. To return an online order from PetSmart, create a copy of the packing slip and secure it in the box.

Attach your PetSmart return shipping label and utilize a traceable and insurable delivery method. The only way to return or exchange an online purchase from PetSmart is in person.

How Will I Receive My PetSmart Refund?

A PetSmart refund will be issued to the same credit card used to purchase the item. For example, if you paid for an item with cash, you will receive a cash return at the time of purchase.

A refund may take up to 10 days after purchase, depending on whether you paid by check or a product return card if you bought your PetSmart item with that method. The money you spent for a PetSmart item with your credit card will be refunded to your card when you return it.

A refund in cash will be sent to you if you purchased an item from PetSmart with your debit card. If you don’t have the original credit card you used to make the transaction, you will be given a merchandise return card instead of a monetary refund.

What Does to Returned Items at PetSmart?

The products returned to PetSmart are frequently discarded because they are no longer fit for sale. This is crucial to know because many commonly used items might have a detrimental impact on your pet’s health.

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Bottom Line

Live animals, open food, and more may all be returned to PetSmart with no problem. The original means of payment, the receipt or comparable evidence of purchase, a form of identification, and the merchandise should be returned to PetSmart.

You will get your PetSmart refund using the same payment method you used to make the transaction. If you don’t have your payment method or receipt, a PetSmart merchandise card may be provided in its place.

David Krug