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Can You Return Best Buy Gift Cards

By David Krug 3 minute read

What to get an electronics fanatic who has everything? Consider giving him or her the gift of Best Buy gift cards.

When it comes to Best Buy gift cards that are no longer needed, it’s natural to question if you may return them. My investigation has led me to this conclusion!

In 2022, Best Buy Gift Card Return Policy

As of 2022, shoppers will be able to return broken gift cards for store credit at Best Buy. It is possible to exchange or refund e-gift cards if they do not work properly.

As a result, users can’t resell their gift cards for cash or exchange them for cash, nor can they redeem half-used gift cards for money.

Check out the rest of this article to discover more about whether or not you can return a damaged Best Buy gift card and what kinds of Best Buy gift cards you may return!

At Best Buy, are I able to replace an electronic gift card?

The code on an e-gift card can be returned to Best Buy for replacement if it is not working. It’s important to keep in mind that Best Buy will only accept your return or exchange request in this specific scenario.

Can I Bring A Damaged Gift Card Back To Best Buy?

In order to receive a replacement for a damaged gift card from Best Buy, the consumer must have acceptable proof of purchase.

Your credit/debit card information or even the remaining amount can serve as acceptable evidence of purchase even if you don’t have the original receipt.

Can I receive a cash refund for returning a Best Buy gift card?

Customers cannot return gift cards for cash returns under the terms of Best Buy’s return policy, thus there will be no cash back for returned gift cards.

Your refund will come in the form of Best Buy store credit, which you may use to buy another item of equivalent value.

Will I Receive a Cash Refund If I Cancel a Best Buy Gift Card-Purchased Order?

You won’t get cashback if you cancel an order that you paid for using a Best Buy gift card; instead, the amount will be reimbursed to your gift card within 30 minutes.

Even though the Insignia-32″ LED Smart Fire TV costs $129.99, if you cancel the transaction, you’ll get a $129.99 store credit.

For those who misplace their gift card, Best Buy suggests calling 1-888-BEST BUY to get a replacement.

Can I return items purchased with a gift card to Best Buy?

Best Buy accepts returns on gift card purchases. After Best Buy receives the returned item, the refund will be applied to your gift card within 30 minutes.

Be aware that you have between 15 and 45 days from the date of purchase to return an item purchased with a Best Buy Gift Card.

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Bottom Line

The only time you may return a Best Buy gift card is if it’s damaged or if the e-gift card’s code isn’t working properly.

In addition, shoppers cannot return gift cards for cash at Best Buy. Customer purchases made using a Best Buy gift card can be returned to the store for a full refund.

David Krug