Can You Have Colored Hair At Walmart

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As of 2018, Walmart has introduced a new dress code that allows for a wide range of clothing options, including a wide range of colors and patterns.

When it comes to Walmart, what can and can’t you wear? In this piece, I’ll answer some of the most often asked questions, so keep reading!

Clothing Guidelines at Walmart in 2022

There are no restrictions on what Walmart employees can wear to work, as long as their denim trousers are of any color and their shirts come in any pattern. There should be no rips, decorations, or diamonds on the jeans. In addition to not requiring formal shoes, sneakers and the majority of tattoos and dyed hair are permitted on the job.

For more information on Walmart’s clothing code, including piercings, denim and hoodies as well as a variety of other items such as tattoos, keep reading.

Is There a Uniform at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart does require its staff to wear a vest and name badge as part of their uniform. Depending on where you are, you’ll get a different hue.

Apart from that, you are free to wear whatever you like, as long as it is in accordance with the dress code. Customizing your vest will cost roughly $11; the vests themselves are free.

Is it okay for Walmart employees to wear leggings to work?

It is against the Walmart dress code to wear a pair of leggings (yoga pants also fall under this category). In addition to jeans, cargo pants, slacks, chinos, and capris, jeggings are acceptable.

Are Ripped Jeans Allowed to be Worn at Walmart?

Walmart employees aren’t allowed to wear jeans that are tattered or have designs, frayed edges, or tears, because of this.

Jeans with stains, discolouration, patches, white stitching, or jewel/sequin details are also prohibited, as are distressed or distressed-looking denim jeans.

Is Walmart a place where hoodies are allowed?

Some bosses may allow hoodies, but not all. Whether or whether the hood is regarded as a safety hazard will be determined by your position in the shop.

A hoodie can be worn by some employees who just tuck it into their Walmart Vest, however a hoodie may be prohibited altogether for others. Check with your boss beforehand.

Is Walmart a Place Where You Can Wear Shorts?

Shorts are generally prohibited for Walmart employees, however there are certain exceptions.

Only three-and-a-half inches above the knee is the maximum length for capri pants; skirts and skorts are acceptable.

Is Walmart a Hat-Worthy Employer?

As long as the cap is a Walmart one, employees are allowed to wear a baseball cap. Check-out staff are exempt from this rule. You may not wear a cap if you work as a cashier.

Are Facial Piercings Allowed on Walmart Employees?

During the introduction of its 2018 dress code, Walmart loosened limits on facial piercings If you have facial piercings, you are allowed to keep them in during the course of your workday.

Employees operating in a bakery or other fresh food establishment are exempt from this rule. You may be requested to remove your piercings if you’re working with fresh food and it’s a matter of cleanliness.

Is it possible for Walmart workers to dye their hair?

Hair color is no longer restricted under Walmart’s dress code. All that matters is that it doesn’t interfere with the employee’s ability to execute their job, and that’s what matters.

Because every manager has a unique perspective on what constitutes a distraction, it is prudent to double-check before making any changes.

Are tattoos permitted on Walmart employees?

Walmart employees are now allowed to wear tattoos as long as they adhere to the company’s dress code.

Unless your tattoos are offensive in some way, your manager is unlikely to require you to cover them up. Check with your manager before you buy a whole sleeve from a retailer, as this varies from location to location.

For new Walmart employees, you may also want to learn more about the Walmart Discount Card. Employees receive a 10% discount in-store, as well as discounts on travel and other retailers, thanks to this card.

Before submitting an application, prospective Walmart workers should familiarize themselves with the company’s drug testing policy.

As a reminder, you should also read about the lunch break policy, retirement plan, and bereavement policy at Walmart.

Bottom Line

Employees at Walmart now have more options thanks to a shift in the company’s uniform policy. The colors and styles you can wear to work are much more flexible.

It’s usually a good idea to check with your manager before you show up to work in something that can be considered inappropriate attire.

A person’s function in the company has a significant impact on how the dress code is enforced. If you’re looking for a fundamental guideline, a shirt, jeans, and sneakers are a safe bet.

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