Can You Drop Off UPS Packages At The Post Office

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The shipping services provided by USPS and UPS are both well-known and fiercely competitive.

If UPS and USPS offer the same service, may a UPS package be dropped off at USPS? Here is all you need to know!

In 2022, will the US Postal Service still accept UPS shipments?

Because of a hybrid shipping service agreement, USPS will only accept UPS shipments that are UPS Mail Innovations packages. 

Postal service personnel will refuse packages that are not labeled as “UPS Mail Innovations” by UPS. However, a USPS shipping label will still allow you to keep tabs on your UPS shipment.

There is a lot that goes into a shipment transferring from one shipping provider to another, so read on to discover how to negotiate the USPS and UPS cross-over!

Do the USPS and UPS collaborate?

Because UPS is a privately held company, it is crucial to emphasize that USPS is a government-operated service.

However, both corporations are working together to establish hybrid delivery services, similar to how the USPS and FedEx have began working together.

UPS Mail Innovations is the name given to the UPS and USPS hybrid shipping service that allows UPS shipments to be dropped off at USPS locations.

What are the UPS Mail Innovations?

As part of the UPS Mail Innovations program, you can drop off a UPS package at a USPS store.

UPS Mail Innovations is a distinct division of UPS that was established to make shipping and receiving parcels easier and less expensive. UPS Mail Innovations is a subsidiary of UPS.

By combining UPS and USPS’s particular capabilities that neither firm has, this hybrid delivery service streamlines the shipping process while also offering customers faster and more affordable shipping choices.

It’s easier for the consumer to mail a package if USPS offers a greater number of drop-off sites.

While FedEx has a limited number of flights, UPS has a fleet of planes that can aid accelerate delivery.

As a result of the partnership between UPS and FedEx, both firms benefit from the added revenue while customers benefit from quicker, more efficient, and more convenient delivery.

Will USPS Accept UPS Packages That Are Not UPS Mail Innovations Packages?

As a courtesy, certain post offices will take UPS shipments that are not UPS Mail Innovations packages, but this isn’t the situation at every post office, and it isn’t universal.

As a matter of thumb, UPS Mail Innovations packages are not accepted by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

When it comes to mailing items for other firms, USPS won’t accept them. This is because USPS is a government agency with strict limitations on what may be transported and how large shipments can be. UPS Mail Innovations may be accessed by clicking here.

How can I return a UPS package to the USPS?

UPS Mail Innovations must be used in order to have your item accepted by UPS. When utilizing UPS Mail Innovations, you may simply drop off your package at the post office or a nearby USPS dropbox like you would any other USPS item.

How Do I Track A UPS Package Being Transported by USPS?

The UPS shipment number or the USPS tracking number supplied in the confirmation email you get once the product has been delivered to a USPS facility can be used to monitor a UPS Mail Innovations package you have ordered from us.

If you can’t find your UPS Mail Innovations tracking number, check the confirmation email you received from the company from where you purchased the item, or check your UPS inbox.

Typically, your UPS Mail Innovations tracking number is 22 characters long and is comprised of both alpha and numeric characters that are unique to your shipment.

Your USPS tracking number may be found in the email that USPS sends to you after your shipment has arrived and is ready to be shipped.

For the most part, 20-22 digit USPS tracking numbers are entire numbers. In order to monitor your package, you need need one of these tracking numbers: UPS or USPS.

It may take up to 48 hours for any tracking information to be updated on any of these sites, so if you don’t see anything right away, be patient. Your tracking information will be accessible shortly.

On our blog, we have also written about whether FedEx accepts USPS parcels, if the items are insured and how long they are held by the USPS.

Bottom Line

Together with the United States Postal Service, UPS offers UPS Mail Innovations, a hybrid shipping service. Dropping off any other UPS shipment at USPS will result in an error.

You may use a dropbox or your local post office to deliver a UPS Mail Innovations package to USPS.

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