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Can You Buy Mcdonalds Toys

By David Krug 4 minute read

As a child, getting a Happy Meal plus a fantastic toy from McDonald’s was one of the most memorable components of the experience.

If you’ve been wondering if you can buy McDonald’s toys, we have the answer to that question as well as many more about McDonald’s toys. To discover out, keep reading!

McDonald’s toys can be purchased with or without a happy meal.

In the event that you don’t purchase the McDonald’s Happy Meal, you may still purchase McDonald’s toys in the shop. In spite of the fact that purchasing specific toys from McDonald’s is still permitted for adults, many do it anyhow.

Aside from that, eBay and other online shops sell McDonald’s toys. To learn more about how to receive a McDonald’s toy, the cost of the purchase, and more, continue reading.

Toys from McDonald’s may be purchased separately from a happy meal. McDonald’s toys are available without the Happy Meal, however, you can only buy a set amount of them.

A whole box or case of toys cannot be purchased in McDonald’s, however, a couple of them can be purchased without trouble. If the store manager or owner refuses to sell the toys separately, there is no written business policy that mandates the retailer to do so.

What Are the Costs of McDonald’s Toys?

However, the price of toys from McDonald’s without a Happy Meal can range from $1.59 to $1.69 in the shop, depending on the location of the store and the time of day. If you buy a Happy Meal, you can get the McDonald’s toy for just $.79, which is a better deal in some situations.

Can a McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Be Request?

If you request a certain McDonald’s toy, you can usually expect a worker or management to provide you with the item you’re looking for most of the time.

It’s also possible to request an exchange for a toy that you got, but it’s advisable to do it right away if you want a different toy in the package. Due to the unique nature of some limited-edition toys, employees may not be willing to exchange or hand over your requested item.

Are McDonald’s Toys Available for Purchase Online?

Many internet merchants, like Amazon and Walmart, sell McDonald’s toys. You can’t, however, buy McDonald’s toys directly from McDonald’s.

Check out sites like Amazon, eBay, and the Facebook Marketplace if you’re interested in purchasing McDonald’s toys online.

Toys that are more precious and older may still be available for sale online if the seller is prepared to part with them at the correct time.

Which McDonald’s Toys Are the Most Valuable?

In 1979, McDonald’s began selling Happy Meals, and since then, they’ve handed out a wide variety of toys, some of which are now worth a lot of money.

The whole TY Teenie Beanie Boos collection

As a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy in 2000, TY launched Teenie Beanie Boos. If you have the full collection, you can receive $400 for it! But if you have only one or two of these adorable relatives of the Beanie Baby, you’ll only be able to obtain about $40 apiece.

Monsters of the Deep

Underwater Monsters may easily be sold for $400 if they are in a collection. Although these toys were launched in 1979, no one has found out what these animals are, yet they are one of the most precious toys.

A collection of robots by Diener Keshi.

Diener Keshi’s Robots, released in 1979, may sell for $400 each, despite the fact that no one knows what these robots are or what they perform.

Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin’

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers with vehicles are still available for $350 and are a famous McDonald’s toy that brings back memories of 1994!

Gadget Inspector

Those old cartoons on TV that youngsters adored and tried to imitate are still fresh in everyone’s mind.
In addition, the movie was released in 1995, which is when McDonald’s introduced the Inspector Gadget toy, which can bring in $350 for just one toy!

The Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock The first McDonald’s toys were produced in 1992, and they were inspired by the popularity of the Muppet show for youngsters for many years to come. You may easily find these toys for sale online for $300 or more!

Is McDonald’s Doing Away With Happy Meal Toys?

McDonald’s hasn’t declared a full halt to Happy Meal toys, but it has revealed that it will phase out plastic toys by 2025 in favor of a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Toys of the future are going to be produced from recycled or plant-based materials. Additional to that, 3-D cutouts of movie characters, for example, will be used in place of plastic toy representations of the characters.

Additionally, McDonald’s plans to switch from plastic packaging to plant-based packaging in an effort to be more ecologically friendly.

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Bottom Line

Toys from McDonald’s can be purchased without the purchase of a Happy Meal, making it convenient for customers. As an added bonus, if you’re a McDonald’s toy collector, you can buy a variety of items from Amazon and eBay, too!

Some McDonald’s toy items, if they’re in mint or near-new condition, may fetch hundreds of dollars on the secondary market. Fast food toys will be redesigned by 2025 to be constructed from more environmentally friendly materials.

In addition, the price of the toys may vary as a result of this adjustment, although no additional information has been published.