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Can I Use A Target Gift Card On Amazon

By David Krug 3 minute read

Gift cards from Amazon may be purchased in a number of amounts, making it easy for customers to make purchases without breaking the bank.

Suppose, though, that the item you desire is only available at Target, and you happen to have some Amazon gift cards lying around? Everything I’ve learned about utilizing Amazon gift cards at Target!

In 2022, will Target accept Amazon gift cards?

As of 2022, you will be unable to use Amazon gift cards to make purchases at Target since gift cards can only be used at the retailer to which they are linked.

Consequently, gift cards purchased from Amazon and Target may only be redeemed at the respective merchants’ own websites.

For more information on why you can’t use Amazon gift cards at Target, if you can buy Target products on Amazon, and much more, keep reading! ‘

Why are Amazon gift cards not accepted at Target?

In order to utilize a Target Gift Card, you must use an Amazon Gift Card, which only works on Amazon.

As a result, the gift card’s value cannot be transferred from Amazon to other retailers, such as Target, because it was particularly designed for use on the Amazon website. In the event that this was to occur, Amazon would lose the money it was due.

Are Target Products Available On Amazon?

Amazon is likely to have the same things that Target carries. That’s because both Target and Amazon carry a wide range of comparable brands and share some of the same suppliers.

This means that things available at Target may or may not be offered for sale on Amazon at a price that is comparable to what you’d pay at Target.

Can Gift Cards for Amazon be Bought at Target?

You can’t buy Amazon gift cards at Target, unfortunately. Gift cards for numerous third-party businesses and stores can be purchased at Target, however, they do not carry Amazon gift cards.

Why is Amazon Gift Cards unavailable at Target?

Both Target and Amazon use many of the same suppliers and set identical prices for their products, making them fierce competitors in their market.

Customers are less likely to purchase at Amazon because Target does not sell gift cards for it.

Does Target Match Amazon’s Prices on Items?

However, Target has been known to price match products on if there is enough evidence that they are selling an identical product at a lower price in their store.

If you’ve discovered something you like online but prefer to buy it in person, this is a terrific method to save money.

In addition, if you’d want to learn more about how Amazon gift cards function, how Amazon gift cards are redeemable, or if Target offers Amazon gift cards, you can check out our pages on these topics.

Bottom Line

Target does not accept Amazon gift cards for purchases. If you’re looking for anything on Amazon, you’re more than likely to also find it at Target because of their shared suppliers. 

In addition, Target does not offer Amazon gift cards, although it does match prices for merchandise.

David Krug