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Customers may shop for attractive and reasonably priced apparel at Target in-store, online, and through the Target app.

A garment that doesn’t fit correctly or isn’t to your taste may necessitate the return of the items. As a result, what exactly is Target’s policy on apparel returns? These are the results of my research.

2022 Return Policy for Target Clothing

As of 2022, provided shoppers have the original receipt, Target will allow returns of unused and unworn clothing for up to 90 days after purchase or any valid proof of purchase as an alternative. Customers can also return items that are in excellent condition without tags.

Keep reading to learn more about how to return items to Target in-store and online after 90 days, return clothes without tags, and how return clothes without tags.

After 90 days, can I return the clothing to Target?

To exchange apparel products after the 90-day return window has elapsed, you need the receipt and the items must be fresh and still have the tags. Clothes returned past the 90-day return period will not be refunded.

As a substitute, you’ll receive a merchandise card good only at a participating Target store, and whose value is equal to the item’s lowest recent retail price in the past 90 days.

Can I return clothes to Target without tags?

It is possible to return garments without tags to Target, as the retailer’s Returns Policy is quite forgiving.

For unused and unworn items, you can return them if you can prove that you purchased them by showing proof of purchase.

As long as they don’t exhibit visible indications of wear such as stains or rips, Target employees can deny a refund or exchange.

Without a receipt, can I return clothing at Target?

As long as you have proof of purchase other than a receipt, you can return clothing to Target without one.

If you paid with a Target RedCard, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, personal check, or a Target gift card, Target will be able to locate your order on the Internet which you must have retained. This tracking method does not work with cash transactions.

To validate your purchase, you can also use the digital barcode or receipt that is stored in your account.

If you don’t have a receipt, you’ll get a merchandise return card as a reimbursement. It’s not possible to use this coupon online at; it can only be used at Target stores.

Can I Return Used Clothing to Target?

To receive full credit, you can return worn apparel to Target in good condition for an exchange.

There is, however, a chance that you may still be able to request a refund or exchange after you have worn the garments and decided not to keep them.

Returning within 90 days of purchase with an original receipt and the clothing in excellent condition will ensure a successful refund.

What clothing items cannot be returned at Target?

Remember that you can’t return things that come into the categories of seasonal, limited-edition, and collectibles once they’ve been purchased.

Underwear and bras that are missing their tags or packaging cannot be returned by the consumer, for the same reason.

Target, on the other hand, will accept returns of products that are in their original packaging and have plainly not been used. After purchasing an item, you may be given a different number of days to return it.

These terms and conditions can be found on the invoice, the website, or in material announcing special deals.

How Do I Return Merchandise to Target?

Customers can return clothing purchased at Target,, or the Target app for a full refund within the return window of 90 days with a valid receipt.

Any of the following is acceptable evidence of purchase: a receipt from the Target app, a delivery or shipment confirmation email from Target, or the original payment.

Returning clothing goods to the Target Online Returns center may also be done through by going to your order history, choosing the item, and printing the return shipping label. You should be aware that you may be responsible for return shipping costs.

What garments does Target sell?

In-store, online, and on the app, Target has a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children.

Activewear, coats and jackets, jeans, loungewear, shirts, trousers and skirts, nightwear, and swimwear are just a few of the kinds of clothing Target carries (but are not limited to)

Do Good Clothes Sell at Target?

Over 100 different apparel brands are available at Target, including both Target-owned and third-party labels, to meet the needs of customers of all ages and sizes. Because of the wide range of brands and designs, there is something for everyone.

Retailers such as Target carry well-known names in the fashion industry such as Timberland, Aventura Clothing, Levi’s DENIZEN, Dickies, and Mary J Blige.

Branded media, such as Disney, Star Wars, Jojo Siwa, Marvel, and icons like Billie Eilish and Pink Floyd, are also included in Target’s fashion.

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Bottom Line

Target allows you to return or exchange any sort of clothing item at any of their stores, as long as the apparel is in new condition and you have the original receipt.

If the item is in excellent condition and you have evidence of purchase, you can also return it without the tags if you choose.

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