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Can I Return To CVS Without A Receipt

By David Krug 5 minute read

CVS has become a major drugstore and retail business in the United States, providing a wide range of products both in-store and online, with over 9,900 locations.

Customers of CVS who have purchased an item they are dissatisfied with and wish to return it may be curious as to the store’s return policy. Here is some information you may find helpful. So far, this is all I’ve been able to uncover.

CVS Return Policy In 2022

As of 2022, most non-prescription, new, and unopened products can be returned at any CVS pharmacy store or through mail within 60 days of purchase or delivery. Even if these items have been opened, CVS Pharmacy brand and beauty products can be returned to the store. 

A shop credit is provided for returns that do not include a receipt. Keep reading to find out more about the CVS return policy, how to return products to CVS, and other useful information.

What Are The Restrictions In The CVS Return Policy?

However, despite the leniency of CVS’s return policy, you still need to be aware of the following:

  • If an item is opened, damaged, or missing a receipt, you may be unable to get a refund or an exchange on it if it is not a CVS Pharmacy Brand product.
  • If a product does not pass CVS’s third-party verification procedure, it will not be accepted for return.
  • Customers can’t return special order equipment like motorized scooters and lift chairs to CVS Pharmacy locations. Call CVS Customer Care at 1-888-607-4287 instead for help.
  • For reasons of public health and safety, it is not possible to return sanitary products such as healthcare, home health, or personal care items.
  • Instead of a card refund, customers who purchased things using PayPal at the online checkout will receive store credit that is only redeemable in-store.
  • Unless otherwise mandated by law, no returns or exchanges can be made on any gift cards, prepaid cards, or phone cards.

Contact CVS Customer Care at 1-888-607-4287 if you are unsure whether an item you purchased from CVS may be returned.

Can I Return Items Without A Receipt At CVS?

While you can return merchandise to CVS without a receipt, you will not be refunded for the products returned without this documentation. A store credit or exchange in the amount of the item’s lowest 60-day historical price will be provided in lieu of a refund in full of your purchase price.

As a result, CVS strongly advises all customers to save their receipts until the return window has closed or they are completely happy with their order.

Can CVS Look Up Receipts?

As long as the transaction was made within 60 days ago, only a small number of CVS stores would agree to search up receipts in their shop system. CVS, on the other hand, recommends that customers keep their store receipts or seek a digital receipt as a last resort.

The order history of your online account might provide you with information about any online purchases you’ve made there. Check your email inbox for order confirmation information as well. Remember that cashiers cannot look for online orders in-store, so you’ll have to do it yourself.

How Do I Return My Purchase At CVS?

In order to return an item to a CVS store, simply bring the item and the original receipt, as well as a valid government-issued picture ID and a valid credit or debit card with you. Any item purchased from CVS can be returned save the following:

  • Prescriptions purchased online
  • Beauty products
  • CVS Pharmacy Brand products
  • Partially used or opened products from other brands (not CVS)
  • Gift cards, prepaid cards, phone cards
  • Specific health care, home health, and personal care products

Before coming to the store, call your local CVS to determine if your return is eligible for a store credit or a refund.

Can I Return My CVS Purchase By Mail?

This option is available if your purchase is eligible for a return or exchange during the 60-day returns window.

Call CVS Customer Care at 1-800-607-4287 to get started, and you’ll get a prepaid return label in the mail as a thank you for your cooperation. Drop off the parcel at your local post office once you’ve received and attached the shipping label, being sure to include all accessories.

CVS will begin the return verification and reimbursement procedure as soon as it receives the item you’re returning.

Why Do I Need A Photo ID For My Return At CVS?

CVS has a third-party verification method to identify fraudulent returns and avoid the corporation from incurring unnecessary costs. Customers must present a valid picture ID to complete this process.

In addition, the third-party procedure captures your ID information in a secure database to ensure that you may make future returns. Please contact 1-855-837-3424 to receive a copy of your return activity report.

Can I Return My Prescription To CVS? prescriptions are non-returnable, although if you get the wrong drug, CVS may make an exception to this restriction. Contact customer support immediately if this is the case and explain your situation to them in order to acquire the right medicine.

As a result of the wide variety of prescription prescriptions sold by CVS Pharmacy stores, the typical return policy does not apply when purchasing these medications from one of their stores.

If you need to return or replace an item from your prescription, you should contact an in-store pharmacist.

Can I Return Open Make-Up To CVS?

You may return any CVS cosmetic product during the 60-day return window if you are not happy with it. All cosmetic items from CVS and come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Can I Return Opened CVS Pharmacy Brand Products?

CVS Pharmacy Brand products are covered by the 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you may return both opened and unopened items to any CVS location and receive a full refund.

Bottom Line

With evidence of purchase, most products purchased at CVS can be returned within 60 days for either a refund or an exchange. Even whether the product has been opened or unopened, you will receive a full refund if you return it to CVS Pharmacy.

Gift cards, prepaid cards, and phone cards purchased at cannot be refunded. You can return things in person at a CVS store or by mailing them back to us.