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Can I Return Airpods To Costco

By David Krug 4 minute read

A wide array of gadgets, including mobile phones and other accessories, may be found at Costco’s huge warehouses, including Samsung and Apple products.

Irrespective of whether or not you purchased Apple’s AirPods from Costco, you still have the option to return them. Here’s what I know about Costco’s return policy for AirPods!

Costco AirPods Return Policy 2022

As of 2022, customers may return their AirPods for a full refund at a local Costco warehouse or via free shipping. A complete refund will be issued if Costco can prove that you purchased something using the receipt or your membership card. In order to receive a full refund, you must include all items in their original packaging.

Keep reading to learn more about returning AirPods you received as a gift, whether non-members may return them to Costco, and much more!

When will Costco accept returned AirPods?

In order to return your Apple AirPods, you have 90 days from the date of purchase or delivery to do so under Costco’s risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you try to return your AirPods after the grace period has expired, Costco will not accept them (or any other product).

Because each store’s management has final say on whether or not to extend the return period over 90 days, talk to the manager before making a choice.

How Do You Mail AirPods Back To Costco?

Using your account, you may begin the process of sending back your AirPods via mail.

  • Click on ‘Orders & Returns’ after logging in.
  • Choose “Return Item” from a drop-down menu next to your desired AirPods.
  • Indicate whether you’d like a new set of AirPods or a refund in full.
  • Attach the return label to the product’s packaging using the free return label given on the next screen (make sure to include all the accessories that came with the product)
  • Alternatively, you can return the shipment to either UPS or USPS, Costco’s principal shipping providers.

Costco will begin processing your return as soon as it receives your item, and will reimburse the complete amount to your original method of payment after the return has been accepted.

How Do You Return AirPods To A Costco Store?

During store hours, customers can bring back AirPods purchased from any of Costco’s 558 warehouse sites in the United States or online at for a full refund.

Don’t forget to bring your proof of purchase, a government-issued picture ID, and the credit/debit card you used to make the initial transaction. Apple products (including AirPods) can’t be returned at the self-checkout counters, which is a bummer.

Can You Return AirPods To Costco Without The Receipt?

Costco may need proof of purchase, such as a receipt or order confirmation number, in order to accept returns of high-end goods like AirPods.

The cashier may still be able to locate your purchase even if you don’t have the receipt since they will have access to your unique Costco mem

What if you’ve received a gift of AirPods and want to return them to Costco?

AirPods given as a gift can be returned to Costco by both members and non-members alike and will be refunded in full.

Either the original receipt from within the last 90 days or the membership number of the person who purchased the AirPods are required in order to make this request. There are certain Costco stores that refund the money to a cash card that can only be used in-store, similar to how a gift card would work.

A temporary membership is also provided to non-members, allowing them to use the earnings earned for further purchases at the business.

Does Costco Accept Opened or Used AirPods for Refunds or Exchanges?

All original equipment (charging case, cables, manuals, etc.) must be included in the return of opened Apple AirPod models from Costco.

Because AirPods are a high-end product, you’ll probably have to return them in their original packaging. AirPods can also be returned or exchanged if they break within 90 days or if you are dissatisfied with the sound quality if they are used (in returnable condition).

How Does Costco Handle Refunds?

When the transaction is verified, Costco is happy to issue a complete refund, including shipping and handling expenses. The fastest way to get your money back is to return the item to a Costco warehouse. Cash refunds are given immediately, although debit and credit card money are typically returned within 48 hours.

The identical debit or credit card used to make the purchase must be present when returning the item, since Costco will reimburse the amount to this card. For mail-in returns, you should expect to receive a refund within two to three weeks. Only once Costco receives and approves the return does the refund procedure begin.

Bottom Line

In Costco, members and non-members alike can return AirPods for a full refund within 90 days of the date of purchase or delivery. At any Costco Warehouse or via free return shipping, you may begin the process of returning an item.

After viewing a receipt or order number, Costco will provide a complete refund via the original payment method. AirPods should be returned in their original packaging and with all of their accessories, including the box.

David Krug