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Can I Pay My Verizon Bill At Walmart

By David Krug 4 minute read

If you’re a new Verizon subscriber, you’re probably wondering how to pay your Verizon bill because the company is one of the biggest in the country.

If so, continue reading to learn more about the various locations where you can pay your bill, as well as some interesting facts about the procedure!

In 2022, where will I be able to pay my Verizon bill?

Paying your Verizon bill at any Verizon store or FIOS Local Presence Center in 2022 will not incur any additional expenses. My Verizon offers free online bill payment for Verizon customers. Western Union and CheckFreePay shops also accept payments.

Need more information about Verizon bill payment options or do you have any other concerns? Check out the rest of this page if you’re interested in learning more.

1. Locations of Verizon stores

If you’d prefer to pay your Verizon bill in person, you can use the Verizon store locator to find a location near where you live.

Verizon also accepts payments in cash, credit card or debit card form at the Verizon store. Despite the fact that there is no charge, you will need to provide your billing statement, account information, or phone number to complete the payment.

2. The Local Presence Center of Verizon Fios.

A Verizon Fios Local Presence Center is a convenient location where you may pay your bill in person, and there is no additional price for doing so.

Additionally, if you pay your payment at a Verizon Fios Local Presence Center, you can pay with cash, credit, debit, or a check.

3. Locations of CheckFreePay

The CheckFreePay location locator tool can help you discover the nearest CheckFreePay location once you’ve selected Verizon as the biller, so you can pay your Verizon bill in cash.

It’s possible to make a payment in cash, but you’ll need your Verizon account number, phone number or billing statement to complete the transaction.

4. Any Western Union Branch

You can pay your Verizon bill with Western Union at a number of locations across the United States, including the following:

  • Discount retailer Dollar Tree
  • Kroger
  • CheckSmart
  • Target
  • Bank of the United States
  • Meijer
  • The Sam’s Club
  • The best deal you’ll find
  • CVS
  • The Ace Cash Express.
  • Publix
  • Cashier’s checks at other establishments
  • Safeway
  • Walmart

Additional to this, you can utilize Verizon’s “Find a Payment Location” function to locate establishments in your area that accept Western Union payments for your Verizon account.

Western Union services are available at nearly every bank or credit union, as well as most major grocery store chains, so you may easily pay your Verizon payment.

However, if you go to a store that isn’t owned by Verizon, you may have to pay a little additional fee on top of your Verizon payment.

Always have your billing statement handy, as it provides all of the relevant information, such as account number and phone number.

Is Walmart a place where I can pay Verizon’s phone bill?

Paying your Verizon phone bill is possible at any Walmart shop, however there may be a processing fee of up to $4.

To execute the transaction, you’ll need to use MoneyGram, CheckFreePay, or Western Union and have your billing statement, account number, or phone number on hand.

Is CVS a place where I can pay Verizon?

You can pay your Verizon bill at any CVS location in the US, although there is a fee of up to $4 for this service.

Are There Any Places I Can Pay My Verizon Bill with Cash?

You can pay your Verizon bill in cash at Verizon Wireless and Fios Local Presence Center locations.

CVS and Walgreens, as well as many other retail locations where you can pay bills, only accept cash payments for bills.

In which online payment system can I make a payment on my Verizon bill?

Your bill can be paid easily and securely online by logging into your account on the My Verizon or My FIOS app and inputting the payment details.

Using PayMyBill instead of signing into your Verizon account is a convenient way to make a payment on your Verizon bill. Your account number and zip code are all you need to get started.

On Verizon’s website, you can also employ a digital assistant to pay your account.

Is it possible to pay my Verizon bill by phone?

Call the Automated Phone System at (800) 922-0204 to pay your Verizon bill by phone, but you’ll need your account PIN to complete the transaction.

You can also pay your Verizon phone bill by calling Verizon Customer Service, but you’ll be charged a $10 agent help fee if you do so.

Is PayPal accepted as a method of payment for Verizon?

Verizon bills cannot be paid directly using PayPal, however a PayPal debit or credit card can be used just like a regular credit card to pay your bill.

What payment methods does Verizon accept?

Paying your Verizon bill online or via the Verizon app gives you access to a variety of payment options, including the following:

  • Taking a look at your bank account (up to 2)
  • Verizon Credit Card
  • Gift Cards for Verizon Wireless
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • STAR
  • American Express.
  • NYCE

As a final option, you can also pay in cash at a Verizon shop. Non-Verizon stores, on the other hand, may only accept cash, debit, or credit; be sure to double-check this before making a purchase.

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Without incurring additional fees, you can pay your Verizon account at Verizon Wireless store locations or any FIOS Local Presence Center (LPC).

As an additional option, you can pay your Verizon bill at any of the thousands of Western Union or CheckFreePay outlets across the country.

David Krug