Can I Cancel My Walmart Pickup Order

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If you don’t pick up a Walmart order because you’re running late or have just changed your mind, what happens?

You can view my whole advice on how long Walmart retains an order if you can reschedule and how to cancel it here! Here’s all you need to know about this topic!

What Happens In 2022 If You Don’t Pick Up Walmart Orders?

After the initial collection date, Walmart will keep uncollected orders for seven days. Abandoned orders can be canceled after 7 days and Walmart may impose a restocking fee, but the refund will be issued. 

There will be no repercussions if you fail to collect your shopping order on time. To learn more about Walmart order management, keep reading!

How long does Walmart hold orders?

When a customer misses a pickup date, Walmart will keep the order in-store for a full week. For orders that haven’t been fulfilled in seven days, they’ll be canceled.

You will not be able to reschedule Walmart grocery orders after the pick-up date unless you call the shop.

Can I Cancel My Pickup Order at Walmart?

At any moment, you have the option to cancel a Walmart pickup order. There is a section in your Walmart account where you can see all of your recent purchases. We’ve put up a detailed tutorial on how to cancel Walmart orders.

Will I be refunded if I fail to pick up my Walmart order?

If you fail to pick up your order within seven days, you will get a refund from Walmart. This refund request window lasts for seven days. 

Within 3-5 business days, the money you paid will be sent into your bank account using the same manner.

How Do I Change the Date of My Walmart Purchase?

Anytime before the deadline, Walmart orders can be rescheduled. Simply sign in to your Walmart account and choose ‘update order’ under recent orders to see your current pickup time. 

Click ‘change’ after selecting a new pickup time. After the cut-off date, orders cannot be rescheduled. Using the reorder all items’ function, a new order may be repurchased.

Do not panic if you are running late! Simply phone the Walmart shop and let them know when you anticipate arriving. If grocery orders are not collected by 8 p.m., Walmart will cancel the orders.

See also our tips on why Walmart orders might often take a while to complete and where Walmart ships for further information on acquiring Walmart items.

Bottom Line

Walmart will store unclaimed orders for seven days. Walmart will cancel the order and issue a refund to the original payment method after seven days. 

A restocking fee may apply to abandoned orders. Otherwise, the grocery order will be canceled. Cancel or reschedule orders using the app or website.

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