Can Hobby Lobby Look Up Receipts With Credit Card

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With Hobby Lobby’s 30-day return policy, you can buy multiple items and return them if you’re unsatisfied.

For those who want to return an item without a receipt, you may wonder if Hobby Lobby accepts no-receipt returns. You can find out what I discovered by reading on!

Policy for Returns Without a Receipt at Hobby Lobby in 2022

It will be possible to return items at Hobby Lobby without a receipt before 90 days have passed in 2022. In the absence of a receipt, the retailer will allow you to exchange the product or give you store credit but not a refund. In addition, the item’s value will be based on its 60-day low price history.

For more information on returning an item to Hobby Lobby without a receipt, including information on returning items purchased online and how the store handles cards, keep reading!

At Hobby Lobby, what happens if you don’t have a receipt?

It’s possible to return an item to Hobby Lobby without a receipt, but you’ll be limited to receiving store credit or exchanging it for another item.

It is possible that any store credit you receive in this situation may not be the original value of the product, as Hobby Lobby looks at the lowest price that no receipt returns were marked down to in the last 60 weeks.

In addition, the store will not accept your return without a valid form of identification.

In addition, Hobby Lobby claims that it cannot guarantee that your return request will be accepted if you do not have a receipt.

Please be aware that you cannot return Silhouette and Cricut products or sewing and embroidery machines unless you have a receipt.

Products must be new and unopened if you have a receipt for your purchase.

It’s best to contact the manufacturer rather than Hobby Lobby if you’re returning an item because of a warranty issue.

For online orders without a receipt, what is Hobby Lobby’s return policy?

There are certain circumstances in which the company will allow you to return an item purchased from without a receipt, but they are very limited.

Orders over $250, for example, must be returned by mail because they are considered bulk purchases and cannot be processed in-store.

Fill out the return form on the Hobby Lobby website and mail it to:

Toys ‘R’ Us

Be Aware of Returns

SW 44th St., 7600 A

It’s 73179 in Oklahoma City.

An invoice and store credit will only be issued if you return merchandise that is less than $250 without a receipt.

Email them or call 1-800-888-0321 to request a replacement invoice if you have lost the original.

Any item purchased online from Hobby Lobby can only be returned if it hasn’t been used or opened, and you must return it in its original packaging.

Your refund will not include the shipping and handling costs if Hobby Lobby accepts your return because these will be deducted from your final refund.

Only if the return is due to a mistake on the part of the company will these fees be refunded (e.g. you received the item already damaged).

How Do I Reprint a Receipt from Hobby Lobby?

If you used a credit or debit card to pay for some or all of the item you purchased at Hobby Lobby, you can have your receipt reprinted. You will not be able to reprint a receipt if you only paid with cash.

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Bottom Line

Without a receipt, you can return items purchased from Hobby Lobby and receive store credit or an exchange, but you can’t get a refund.

A receipt from the original transaction is required if you’re returning a product purchased online and you don’t have one.

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