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Can Costco Put Lenses In My Frames

By David Krug 4 minute read

The majority of the country’s largest retailers have grown to their current size by offering their customers more choices than they would normally expect.

However, Costco provides vision care and optometrist services as an example. It’s possible that Costco does more than just checkups and put lenses in frames if you’d like to know more.

Is it possible that by 2022, Costco will include lenses in the frames I purchase?

In 2022, Costco’s Costco Optical locations, some of which are called Costco Vision Centers, will put lenses in your frames. More than 500 Costco Optical locations can fit lenses in your frames. For a small fee, you can buy frames from Costco Optical and have the lenses installed by one of their opticians.

Get the lowdown on Costco’s lens service, including how much it costs and what else you can get! —continue reading!

Is Costco going to put lenses in my frames?

To have lenses put in, you don’t always need a Costco frame. If you bring your own frames to Costco Optical, the staff may be able to put lenses in, but only if certain conditions are met.

Costco will only put lenses in your own frames if they are still in good condition, but this is up to the discretion of the staff at the store.

Are my old frames compatible with Costco’s new lenses?

If your frames are in good condition, Costco employees will put lenses in them, but they are less likely to do this for older frames.

Your glasses could be damaged if you bring your old frames in to Costco for new lenses, as the lens is likely to fall out of the frame.

To make matters worse, imagine what would happen if this happened as you were about to cross a busy street.

With old frames, there is also the risk of them breaking while being handled by employees, which could lead to liability issues.

It’s possible that you’ll have to wait longer than usual to find frames that fit lenses that you had fitted and put into an out-of-date style of frame.

Costco Optical employees have been accused by some customers of refusing to put lenses in old frames and instead urging customers to buy new ones while they’re there.

Exactly how much does Costco charge to put lenses into frames?

Costco Optical charges $184 to put lenses in frames for prescription eyewear.

As we’ll see in the section below, the price varies widely depending on which options you choose. This is what most people paid on average at the locations.

Is Costco Just Replacing the Lenses?

When it comes to Costco, they don’t limit themselves to simply changing out lenses. Costco Optical is a subsidiary of the company that focuses on a wide range of products and services, including the following:

  1. Lenses that are worn on the eye are called
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Frames that fit all face shapes and sizes.
  4. Examinations of the eyes
  5. Lenses with anti-reflection coating
  6. Lenses with a built-in progressive system
  7. Lenses with polarization
  8. Lenses with photochromic properties
  9. Lenses with multiple functions
  10. Eye drops and other eye care products are available.

Are the eyeglass lenses from Costco any good?

In our opinion, Costco eyeglass lenses aren’t terrible, but they’re just average in terms of quality.

Customers have complained on Reddit about the poor quality of Costco eyeglass lenses, claiming that they had to return and redo them several times before they were satisfied.

Other factors, such as how well a pair of glasses fit and how well the lenses were able to correct a person’s vision were also important.

Based on what you’ve just read, it’s best to go to Costco if you have some time to spare, such as if it’s a spare pair of glasses.

Is Costco a Good Place to Get Contact Lenses Fitted?

The Costco Optical division does provide contact lens fitting services. According to one Reddit user, Costco’s contact fitting exam is completely free of charge.

Contact lens fittings at Costco are available for the following manufacturers’ products:

  1. Acuvue
  2. One of the most advanced air purifiers on the market, Air
  3. Avaira
  4. Biofinity
  5. Bio-Realist
  6. Clariti
  7. Dailies
  8. Freshlook
  9. Infuse
  10. Kirkland
  11. MyDay
  12. Optima
  13. Precision1
  14. Proclear
  15. Purevision
  16. Soflens
  17. Ultra
  18. Ultraflex

Use the warehouse locator to find the Costco warehouse nearest you to schedule a contact lens fitting exam.

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Bottom Line

However, Costco will only fit your lenses into your frames if they are still in good condition and are not too old. Because old frames are more difficult to work with, Costco is likely to refuse to put lenses in them.

Putting lenses in frames at Costco costs an average of $184, but the price can vary widely depending on your prescription, the type of frames you have, and other factors.

David Krug