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Can Anyone Sign Up For Home Depot Pro Xtra

By David Krug 5 minute read

Home Depot’s loyal customers can save money on their purchases of tools, supplies, and equipment by taking advantage of a range of special deals.

For those who are interested in learning more about Home Depot’s Pro Xtra membership, here are some answers: Learn more about what I’ve found out about it by continuing to read!

The Home Depot Pro Xtra in 2022

To assist members save time and money, Home Depot’s Pro Xtra loyalty program offers members access to members-only rewards and business tools beginning in 2022. It’s a useful program for experts in the sector who want to save money on their business’s total costs.

Here, you’ll learn more about who may join the Pro Xtra membership, how much it costs and what perks members receive.

Who Is Eligible To Join Home Depot’s Pro Xtra Program?

There is no requirement to be certified or licensed in order to participate in this loyalty program, which is geared at and most advantageous to professionals.

For those who often buy at Home Depot or are planning a major home improvement project, this membership offers the same perks as the pros.

What Is the Process of Home Depot Pro Xtra?

There are several advantages to signing up for Pro Xtra, but you also get access to areas of Home Depot that regular customers don’t have access to.

You’ll be able to track all of your purchases, both in-store and online, using your pro member account on the website and app.

The Pro Xtra virtual ID, reloadable gift cards with spending limitations and electronic receipts, and even a commercial credit card are all included in the Pro Xtra package.

Check out with your virtual ID and make sure you’re logged in if you’re making an online purchase to use your account.

Without this, you’ll be unable to keep track of your spending and hence miss out on benefits.

Home Depot Pro Xtra costs how much?

In order to join Home Depot Pro Xtra, you only have to pay for the standard membership.

As a member, you’ll enjoy several benefits and personalized offers, but there are further steps you can take to earn more incentives.

In the Paint rewards benefit, for example, the more paint you buy, the more you get back in discount.

For paint incentives, membership levels in the Home Depot Pro Xtra program range from “member” to “bronze,” “silver,” and “gold.”

A maximum discount of 20% is available if you meet the purchase requirements and spend at least $6,500 on qualifying products.

Is Home Depot Pro Xtra Worth It? What Are the Advantages?

From paint rewards to transaction monitoring, Home Depot Pro Xtra caters to both experts and everyday customers.

The following is a list of the main advantages and perks that Pro Xtra members receive:

Pricing by Quantity

You may buy large quantities of materials for projects and jobs more easily thanks to volume pricing.

Put together a list of all the materials you’ll need for the job (such wood or paint) and take it to the Pro Desk at your local Home Depot to get an estimate for the complete list.

In the long run, this can save you a lot of money compared to buying everything separately and paying for it all at the register.

Painter’s Bonuses

If you’re a professional painter or just want to give your house a fresh coat of paint from time to time, the Paint rewards are for you.

Make it easier to track down the magnolia shade you used in your last job by accessing your whole color history.

In addition, you’ll benefit from personal assistance from a specialist and savings according on how much you spend on paints on a regular basis.

Purchases of D24 painting supplies are included in these calculations because they are considered “qualified purchases” (so the discount applies to more than just paints).

See the following table for further information on the discounts that are available:

Specified Deals

For Pro Extra members, special offers on products and services that are not available to normal customers are provided to them by mail, email, or in the Home Depot app.

This software maintains track of your regular transactions and provides you with coupons, discounts and links to other parties that provide discounts on related services and items.

Tracking your purchases

You may keep and organize your purchases in the app and your account on the website to ease your tax preparations, which is ideal for specialists but also handy for typical do-it-yourselfers.

In addition to tracking your purchases at checkout, you can also save receipts from previous transactions and organize each purchase by task and PO name for easy access.


Text2Confirm allows you to swiftly authorize employee in-store purchases while you’re still on the clock if you need to buy things for your business.

It’s a simple approach to ensure that all of your money is going toward your intended purchases and to keep your business accounts safe.

When a transaction is completed, a text message will be delivered to the employee’s phone (you being the business owner).

With a single SMS message, you can deny or accept purchases made with these cards.

Extra Perks for Pros

Finally, like targeted offers, these incentives are earned by your transactions.

For example, you can get free drinks or snacks at Home Depot by scanning your virtual ID when you make a purchase there.

How Do Home Depot Pro Xtra Returns Work?

Pro Xtra returns at Home Depot are significantly different than standard returns.

Refunds are available for purchases returned to any Home Depot location with the receipt/shipping email, the credit card used and a valid ID.

Click here to learn more about Home Depot’s return policy.

Is Home Depot Pro Xtra Discounted?

Home Depot Pro Xtra members receive a discount on a limited number of items.

Paints Rewards presently offers the biggest discounts, but other perks include receiving unique and customised discounts directly to your account via email.

How Do I Become a Member of Home Depot’s Pro Xtra Service?

To join, please click this link and complete the required information.

It’s a basic and straightforward process, and the benefits you gain outweigh the effort.

There are a number of benefits and discounts available to Home Depot customers. For more information, see our entries on Home Depot Improver Card, Home Depot Senior Discount, and Home Depot Military and Veteran Discount.

Bottom Line

Home Depot Pro Xtra is an excellent customer loyalty program for both Home Depot’s business clients and the general public. Discounts and other incentives are available to members on a wide range of items, both in-store and online.

It’s also a lot easier to sign up, and returns are handled in a unique way. Home Depot’s website or a shop worker can assist you with establishing up for a free account.

David Krug