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Gift cards from Amazon are ideal for people who don’t know what to get for a loved one on a special occasion because of the company’s millions of items. What if you’re seeking to give someone an Amazon gift card or received one and want to spend it somewhere? Here’s all I could find on the subject!

In 2022, Where Can I Use My Amazon, Gift Card?

As to the year 2022, Amazon gift cards may be used to pay for a wide range of items on and other services including Prime, Kindle, Marketplace, and Fresh. Audible, Whole Foods foods, petrol stations, or any retail business cannot be purchased with Amazon gift cards.

If you’d like to learn more about what you can do with the Amazon gift card, if you can use several gift cards at the same time, and much more, carry on reading!

Is My Amazon Gift Card Valid For Amazon Basics Buyers?

Simply add the balance of your Amazon gift card to your account and use it during checkout on Amazon Basics. There are several best-selling items under Amazon Basics, the retailer’s exclusive label for popular home and office essentials.

Is It Possible To Use An Amazon Gift Card On The Amazon Marketplace?

You can use an Amazon gift card to make purchases from any of the over two million small business vendors on Amazon’s Marketplace. Following gift card payments, Amazon guarantees that Marketplace vendors get their money.

Is It Possible To Use My Amazon Gift Card To Buy Amazon Prime?

If you have qualifying service, such as Amazon Prime, you may use your Amazon gift card to pay for it. The gift card will display as a payment option when you sign up for Prime if it is valid and has a balance associated with your account.

Shoppers may also sign up for a three-month or a year-long Prime subscription as a gift, which covers the upfront fees of joining the program.

My Amazon Gift Card Isn’t Working With My Amazon Kindle

If you want to read, you can use an Amazon gift card to buy Kindle books from Amazon. After a gift card balance is credited to your account, it is automatically applied to your next qualified purchase, including Kindle digital downloads.

Audible accepts Amazon Gift Cards.

Audible subscriptions and individual audiobook purchases cannot be made using Amazon gift cards, since the service only takes debit and credit cards. Even though Amazon owns Audible, they do not currently accept Amazon gift cards.

Is There a Way to Use Amazon Gift Cards to Buy Other Gift Cards?

Gift cards from can only be used to purchase items and services from Many prominent restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues provide third-party gift cards that may be purchased on Amazon’s website, as well. When purchasing one of these gift cards, you will need a credit or debit card in order to do so.

Is Amazon’s Gift Card Accepted at Whole Foods Market?

You may have noticed Amazon gift cards for sale at the checkout if you’ve been shopping in person at some of your favorite retailers.

Even while many big-box stores like Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart sell Amazon gift cards, you can’t use your Amazon gift card to pay for anything at those stores. You must pay with a credit or debit card or cash, just like if you were purchasing the gift card over the web.

What if I want to use two Amazon gift cards at once?

In the event that your Amazon cart total exceeds the balance on one of your gift cards, you may always add another gift card to your account. Gift certificates can be combined and used with credit or debit cards on Amazon. At checkout, all of your gift card balances will be subtracted from your total.

Do Gas Stations Take Amazon Gift Cards?

Gift cardholders will be unable to pay for petrol in any gas stations after 2022 using their Amazon gift cards.

Is Amazon Cash the same thing as Amazon Gift Cards? – Amazon

As with Amazon gift cards, Amazon Cash may be used to make purchases on Amazon without the need of a credit or debit card, but it has the same balance as Amazon gift cards.

Amazon gift cards can be received or purchased directly from Amazon or a third-party store that participates in the program. In contrast to this, Amazon Cash gives you a barcode or a phone number linked to your account that you may use to make purchases.

Adding money to Amazon Cash may be done in-store at a cashier, kiosk, or ATM in some locations. The Amazon Cash balance is similar to a gift card in that it is immediately ready for use, but unlike a real card, there is no expiration date.

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Bottom Line

There are millions of things available on Amazon and the Amazon Marketplace that may be purchased with an Amazon gift card. As an additional payment option, Amazon gift cards may be used to purchase Prime subscriptions and Kindle books. However, Amazon gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.

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