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Expansion into new nations is a whole other ballgame that many chains are just not ready to manage, even if grocery store expansion is a challenging industry.

It has been more than 40 years since Aldi first set up shop in North America and has since grown to over 2,000 locations in the United States; nevertheless, the inexpensive grocery giant has yet to open a single store in Canada.

Is Aldi coming to Canada in the future? According to the company’s continuous U.S. expansion, the answer might surprise you.

Can we expect an Aldi in Canada by 2022?

As of 2022, Aldi has no intentions to open a store in Canada or a Canadian city. Despite the widespread expectation that the corporation will eventually expand to Canada, no concrete steps have been taken or announcements made in this regard.

For anyone wondering why Aldi isn’t coming to Canada, if public opinion is in favor of it or whether there is even a place in the market, stay reading because I’ve got all the answers.

Why Is Aldi Not Entering Canada?

While competing in the U.S. bargain market, Aldi seems to have forgotten about Canada. People’s kitchen and pantry stocking needs are the driving force behind Aldi’s business concept.

As compared to smaller regional businesses, Aldi is able to compete within its pricing ranges in the United States. A whopping 40% of Canadians now shop for their food in budget or cheap supermarkets.

Canadians are more difficult to impress than American customers when they buy at Aldi since they are more used to paying higher prices for their groceries in the United States.

In addition to the fact that Aldi hasn’t and hasn’t shown any signs of coming to Canada, geography is a factor. claims that there is a paucity of reasonably-priced real estate in the country.

When investigating new locations, Aldi lays out some of the key conditions it searches for on its website, demonstrating how serious they are about store placement.

Keeping operational expenses low (in order to pass savings on to customers, of course) makes it difficult to picture Aldi dipping into its coffers for a market it isn’t convinced will succeed.

The main competitor of Aldi (at least in Europe) is Lidl. A preliminary headquarters was established up in Mississauga, Ontario, west of Toronto, where Lidl hired people and conducted site investigations.

Lidl, on the other hand, canceled its plans, shut down its office, and laid off all of its employees. Instead, a few years later, Lidl launched its first American shop. As a cautionary tale for Aldi, the anecdote may be useful.

Do Canadian Shoppers Desire or Require Aldi?

Even though Canadians don’t actually need Aldi stores in their already discount-focused country, they nevertheless want them because of the Aldi hype factory’s greatness.

In fact, one Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Community member stated that she typically visits Aldi shops in the United States (despite being from Canada) and couldn’t this time owing to border closures imposed by coronaviruses.

Because of Aldi, she traveled to a new nation! Desperately waiting for it[Aldi to arrive in Canada, said one Redditor in response to the news.

Here, Aldi Finds may play a role. Aldi Finds like character pet beds, inflatable outdoor seats, or exercise bikes — at insanely low Aldi costs – would still entice Canadians to purchase there.

Where In Canada Might Aldi Construct Stores?

You can start with the larger Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver and see if Aldi has a good response. 

A total of 10.5 million people live in the two countries combined. Aldi’s first foray into Canada’s densely populated metropolitan areas is likely to be limited to larger cities and towns.

There are four individuals per square mile in Canada, compared to 36 in the United States.

See our linked stories on whether or not Aldi plans to open in Las Vegas if Aldi plans to open in Colorado and the Aldi opening hours for additional information.

Bottom Line

For now, there’s no word from Aldi that it plans to open a store in Canada anytime soon.

There is a good chance that Aldi may open up shop in Canada, but it will take some time and careful preparation to get the discount food store there, especially in a nation like Canada where the market is saturated with discount food merchants.

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