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It’s your job as an employer to do whatever it takes to keep your best employees around. If you don’t stay ahead of the competition, good applicants may go elsewhere, and you’ll be stuck with a larger pool of unqualified resumes to go through.

Companies like Netflix, Google, and Facebook have become household names because they are widely recognized as providing competitive compensation and a wide range of other benefits to their employees.

It’s possible that your startup or small firm can’t compete with the perks and advantages offered by digital giants like Google and Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t analyze and improve the perks and benefits you do offer.

Here are some of the most popular and in-demand extras that can help you receive better job applications and keep more employees, ranging from individual to team-based to companywide and in-office.

Individual Employee Benefits and Perks

Employees are often given one-of-a-kind gifts and benefits in recognition of a job well done, a special occasion, or a milestone in their employment. Perks and benefits can be tailored to match the needs of individual teams, divisions, and workers. The following are examples of some:

  1. Gifts for the Holidays and Birthdays

Employee birthday and holiday presents are a great opportunity to show your appreciation and thanks for their hard work all year long. What’s more, they may be adapted to each employee’s unique passions and interests, making them feel like they’re getting genuine attention and showing that their superiors and coworkers value them.

  1. Packages of Welcome

Sending new recruits a thoughtful welcome present is a great way to make them feel appreciated and appreciated. New hires are more likely to remain committed to the firm if they have a positive first experience throughout the onboarding process.

Employees who have a positive first impression of the organization will be more likely to recommend it to their friends and family and apply for future openings.

  1. Departing Employee Gifts

On the other hand, leaving a positive impression with departing workers through presents, meals, and accolades can have a significant effect on your company’s ability to attract and retain talented individuals.

Prospective employees care about how they will be treated throughout their career, not only at the start. Taking the time to organize a going-away party or present for an employee demonstrates that you care about them as individuals, not simply as workers.

  1. Work Anniversary Commemoration

Companies often reward their employees with swag, bonuses, or extra time off after one, three, and five years of service. It is up to you to decide how to show appreciation to employees for their years of service. What matters most is that you value their work and appreciate their loyalty to your company.

Knowing that they would receive a valuable benefit for staying with the firm is an extra incentive.

  1. Performance incentives

Attracting and retaining top talent is easier when they are incentivized with financial incentives for achieving set objectives. Bonuses can lure exceptional workers who will urge others to join your team, so long as you keep up with what others in your area and sector are giving and strive to reach or surpass existing norms.

  1. Plans for Growth and Development

Employees who have individualized goals for their professional development are more likely to stay around in the organization rather than search elsewhere for advancement.

Plans for professional growth may include any combination of promotions (both up and out) as well as tailor-made education and guidance from superiors and opportunities to work with colleagues in other departments. If you want to be more attractive as an employer, show current and prospective workers that you care about them as people and their professional development.

Perks & Benefits for Teams

Managers, directors, and supervisors are responsible for approving and doling out team-based perks and benefits, even though they are normally monitored by accounting and human resources. Team-based incentives like these have been shown to be effective in attracting and retaining both new and experienced personnel.

  1. Celebrations of Milestones

There are many reasons to celebrate, including the completion of a big project, the achievement of a departmental goal, or the signing of a particularly large client or customer. Staff morale is boosted when they see the fruits of their labor recognized, and it sends a message to potential new workers that they will be rewarded for doing their tasks properly if they are successful.

  1. Team Activities

Team building exercises, including contests, lunches, social events, and group activities, help coworkers get to know one other better and lessen the likelihood of burnout, resulting in more cohesive and effective groups.

Potential employees will be interested in working for your firm if it has a culture that values friendship and camaraderie among employees.

Office Amenities and Benefits

Every employee at your firm may take advantage of the advantages and benefits that pertain solely to your office’s physical location. Office perks are not consistently provided in shared office spaces but can be found elsewhere. Benefits and perks in the office that are worth considering include:

  1. Coffee and Snacks at the Office

Offering complimentary food and drinks on the premises is a simple and low-maintenance incentive to provide. If you decide to give refreshments for your staff, you should take into account their dietary preferences and any allergies they might have. You might provide:

  • Fruits and vegetables are nutritious snacks.
  • Coffee, water, and tea
  • Crisps, chocolate bars, and other sugary snacks
  • Croissants and wraps
  • Baked items like muffins or bagels
  1. Gaming Rooms

Ping pong tables, video game consoles, televisions, and board games are all appropriate pieces of furniture for a gaming room. Instead of designating a separate place for them, you can instead choose to integrate them in your office break room. To relieve stress, have fun, and become closer to your coworkers all at once, try playing a game during your lunch break.

  1. Fitness Centers or Classes on-Site

In addition to providing on-site gyms and fitness centers, several companies also provide regular yoga classes with paid instructors. Having access to workout facilities throughout the workday might benefit workers who otherwise must take time away from their jobs to focus on their physical well-being.

Teamwork and employee morale can both benefit from the social aspects that group sessions offer.

  1. Pet-Friendly Workplaces

It is easy to see why places that welcome pets into the workplace are so well-liked. Being among animals, whether they be dogs, cats, or even workplace hedgehogs, may be relaxing and soothing.

Allowing pets in the workplace is a simple approach to enhance morale and employee satisfaction; but, you will need to set office regulations and procedures about your employees’ furry friends.

  1. On Site Day Care

Many working parents find it difficult to find reliable child care, thus some companies provide day care facilities on the premises. If this is not possible, a monthly payment for child care costs is another option. Both are excellent ways to entice skilled workers who already have or want to start a family.

Bottom Line

Your company’s culture and image as an employer are directly tied to the perks and benefits you provide to workers. You may tailor a benefits package to your needs and budget by selecting from a range of services, from health and wellness programs to basic health coverage and office snacks.

Keep in mind that the sorts of people that apply for new positions in your firm will be influenced by the incentives and bonuses you give to current workers. Providing attractive rewards and bonuses is an excellent way to attract and keep the best employees.

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